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Festival MusicAntica – Baroque Stories 2023 • Gorizia, Pordenone, Trieste …
'Reflections, crossings, reinterpretations' are the thematic lines of the festival which tells the Baroque through the optical prism of the contemporary
The new edition of Festival MusicAntica Baroque Stories returns to animate the cities and art places of Friuli Venezia Giulia all to be discovered by touching Gorizia, Pordenone, Trieste, Sacile, cold fountain, Malborghetto Val Channel, Polcenigo, San Vito al Tagliamento is Sixth at Reghena.

From 19 August to 19 November 2023 Baroque Stories, conceived and organized by Baroque European with the artistic direction of Donatella Busetto presents its rich program that mixes music with other artistic languages, literature, cinema and even the culinary art, offering its audience new and surprising perspectives each time.

Reflections, crossings and reinterpretations these are the themes that inform the programming of the 2023 Festival, laid out in the consolidated format that finds its cornerstones in the dissemination of events on the territory and in the multidisciplinarity and in the interchange between the arts.

The concert calendaror presents captivating and original proposals alongside the cornerstones of the repertoire, alongside recognized interpreters of the international music scene and young talents; highlight event, the new production of Acis, Galatea and Polyphemus, serenade for three voices by Georg Friedrich Händel, the result of the vocal competition which ended on June 17 with the selection of voices for soprano and mezzo-soprano roles.

The new ones are added to the musical trend this year Meet the Author, two in-depth moments organized in collaboration with Cinemazero and with NABA, New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan which will allow you to look at the show from the point of view of insiders, such as the director Marco Tullio Giordana.

Then back to the review Not&Sapori – The Baroque on your plate true immersive experience between literature, music and gastronomy in places of great charm. This year we celebrate three emblematic writers of the twentieth century, Gabriel D'Annunzio, Italo Calvino is Marguerite Yourcenar on the anniversary of their birth, in an interdisciplinary dialogue that continues with the tasting of ancient dishes reworked by the chefs of Ace Cooks Portus Naonis in combination with fine local wines, proposing a different gastronomic theme for each of the three events.

The program

The music billboard

Debuts Tuesday 19 August (20.30) with a tribute to the figure of Alessandro Stradella il Festival MusicAntica – Baroque Stories 2023: to Venetian Palace of Malborghetto Val Canale, the bass Patrizio La Placa and the ensemble Musical Last Supper will be protagonists of the concert Raw sea of horrible flames. Stradella and the Italian cantata – a program that will give full prominence to the magnificence that characterizes the Emilian composer's style, and will do so by combining his cantatas and motets with the production of contemporary authors active in those parts of Italy where Stradella lived for a certain period of his life life. The event, in collaboration with Festival Risonanze and Festival Carniarmonie, is free to enter.

Music programming will resume on Sunday September 24 (5.30 pm) at the St. James Church to Polcenigo with Bach the mathematician, guest concert of the Festival which will stage the Choir of Friuli Venezia Giulia el'San Marco Orchestra of Pordenone on original tools; directs Anna Molaro, while Guglielmo Pellarin as a speaker he will illustrate the secrets of the mathematical art in the music of the great German composer.

Thursday October 5th (8.30 pm) in the Church of San Gregorio di Sacile the language of jazz and that of early music will dialogue in the concert Wind in the strings to weave a narrative path which, like the wind of Sardinia, the homeland of the two musicians, will blow in the sax of Gavino Murgia and will scroll under the harpsichord keys of Paola Erdas, encountering poems and music from distant places and eras. The concert is organized in collaboration with the Wunderkammer Festival of Trieste.

Saturday October 7 (18.00) the Festival Baroque Stories will arrive in Foyer of the Verdi Theater in Gorizia with quatuorThe string quartet from the beginning to the present day: from Giuseppe Tartini to his pupil Maddalena Laura Sirmen up to Malipiero and the contemporary Friulian Renato Miani, the journey of this repertoire through the ages will be proposed for listening by String Quartet of the ensemble Musical Last Supper, formed by Tommaso Luison and Giacomo Scarponi, violin, Alessandro Savio, viola, Mattia Cipolli, cello. The concert is part of the Festival Confini promoted by FEM – Friuli Early Music.

Thursday 12 October (21.00), the appointment is atFormer Convent of San Francesco in Pordenone for the enthralling concert  Ars vulgaris – El Nuevo Mundo which explores the little-visited repertoire of the Spanish-American Baroque. The contralto Francesca Billotti and the chalumeu di robinder Nikolic, with the complicity of the ensemble Last Supper Musical, will allow the public to discover – or rediscover – the extraordinary music that flourished in the Spanish colonies of Latin America between the 16th and 18th centuries, with a unique and vibrant style.

Saturday October 14 (20.30), returning to the Church of San Giacomo di Polcenigo. the ensemble Research Academy will propose Symphonies and concerts between Naples and Venice: by juxtaposing the music of Sarri, Scarlatti and Vivaldi, it will compare the two great Italian musical 'schools' of the first half of the eighteenth century, with particular attention to the pages dedicated to traverser, an instrument that at that time was not yet as widespread in Italy as the recorder.

Sunday October 15 (5 pm) at the Burovich Auditorium in Sesto al Reghena it will be the turn of another precious rarity, the concert Stella ariènte proposed by the voice of Maria Moramarco: with the his Ensemble and together with Baroque trio, will lead the audience on a journey through the Alta Murgia of Bari, becoming the interpreter of an authentic "song of the spirit", an oral tradition made up of archaic prayers, devotional practices, ancestral litanies, liturgical songs marked by a timeless fascination.

Thursday October 19 (21 hours) in theFormer Convent of San Francesco in Pordenone come back Robindro Nikolic, this time accompanied byEastern Chamber: Forgotten Voices of Klezmer is the title of the program that turns its gaze to the East, proposing ancient dances and traditional songs of Eastern Europe, often performed on Jewish holidays and weddings in the 19th century.

Saturday October 21 (11 am) the Festival Baroque Stories arrives in Lloyd's Tower in Trieste with a very curious concert, that is The Art of the Monkey: the duo The Aquilegia (Teodora Tommasi, ancient harps and voice, and Federico Rossignoli, harpsichords, cittern, lute), proposes a happy musical journey from the Late Middle Ages to the late Renaissance, inspired by the curious presence of monkeys in the allegorical iconography of the time and by the variegated instruments depicted in the their hands, among which cymbals, lutes and harps stood out, the same instruments played by the two musicians who will give the public a smiling and unmissable appointment. Event in collaboration with the Wunderkammer Festival.

Tuesday October 24 (11 am) at IComprehensive Institute of Fontanafredda a new staging of the show will be staged Mysterious Mystery of the Cantata (Wunderkammer 2016 production), an amusing thriller for children – even of preschool age – with the harpsichordist Paola Erdas as Barock Holmes and the performer Henry Maronese in those of Doctor Diapason, while the soprano Ilaria Zanetti it will be Mrs. Cante Rina. The costumes and the rigorously paper staging are by paper engineer Annalisa Metus.

Finally, a prominent appointment of the Festival MusicAntica – Baroque Stories 2023, the staging of the serenade for three voices Acis, Galatea and Polyphemus of Georg Friedrich Händel, original production of the European Baroque Association directed by Cesare Scarton. The debut is set for Sunday November 12 to the Verdi Theater of Gorizia; the show will then be rerun on November 17 to the Miela Theater in Trieste and the November 19 to the Arigoni Theater in San Vito al Tagliamento.

The leading voices were selected through the vocal competition aimed at staging the show: the soprano Maddalena De Biasi will play Aci and mezzo-soprano Alessia Emma Innocenti it will be Galatea; the role of Polyphemus will instead be supported from below Yuri War. The singers will participate in the Vocal laboratory held by the mezzo-soprano Sara Mingardo. On the podium of theMusical Last Supper Orchestra will rise Riccardo Doni, while sets and costumes are created by the students of the BA in Scenography of NABA, New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan coordinated by their teachers Giacomo Andrico, Francesca Pedrotti and Francesca Guarnone. The show will be recorded with the intention of promoting it through the main European television circuits.

(Admission to concerts full price €8 – reduced price €5; Aci, Galatea and Polifemo show full price €12 – reduced price €8)

Meet the Author

Friday October 13 at the headquarters of Cinemazero in Pordenone in Piazza Maestri del Lavoro, the first of the two will be held Meet the Author, which sees the protagonist Marco Tullio Giordana. Successful film and television director such as The one hundred Steps is The best youth, in the past, right at the Teatro Verdi in Trieste, he had approached opera direction with The Elixir of love by Gaetano Donizetti. The meeting, which will be attended by the director Barbara Napolitano, will be moderated by Paolo Antonio D'Andrea by Cinemazero and by the film composer and producer Anton Giulio Priolo.

Sunday October 22 in Cinemazero media library in Palazzo Baldini in Pordenone, the second appointment will be focused on the art of scenography. James Andrico, set designer and lecturer at the Milan campus of NABA, New Academy of Fine Arts and its students will allow the public to learn about the construction techniques of the stage space of a theatrical work, with a particular eye to modern technologies and the new media arts.

(Free entry)

Review Not&Sapori – The Baroque on your plate

It will be held on Friday September 22 to Scolari Palace of Polcenigo the first of three meetings Not&Sapori – The Baroque on a plate, e will celebrate 160 years since the birth of Gabriele D'Annunzio: the actor Manuel Buttus he will read some excerpts from the collection of poems Alcyone, interspersed with the notes of the young guitarist Simone Blasizza which will offer songs by Bach, Albéniz is  Fernando Sor. Culinary theme of the evening, The first: Pumpkin soup with lard and verjuice, Bolognese cake with crazy pasta and chard, Maccò di fava beans.

Friday September 29 continue to Villa Frova of Caneva: on the centenary of the birth of Italo Calvino the actor Flavio D'Andrea will read some excerpts from the six American lessons, underlined by the vibraphone of Luigi Vitale which will propose an interesting sound path built around improvisation. The recipes proposed by the chefs will follow the theme of the evening, The meats: Roman-style meatballs, chicken breast with pomegranate, sautéed zucchini and beetroot.

Friday 6 October at the Pitars winery in San Martino al Tagliamento the actress Marta Reserved will pay tribute to Marguerite Yourcenar on the 120th anniversary of his birth, with the reading of some passages of Memoirs of Hadrian, accompanied by the violin by Richard Penzo who will interpret some pages of the repertoire for solo violin by Tartini, Matteis and Montanari. Gastronomic theme of this last meeting of Not&Sapori – The Baroque on the plate,  The sweets: Dried fruit cake, called “pizza” by Neapolitans, chocolate bunet, sautéed grapes with pine nuts, star anise and ginger.

(Only 50 places will be available for each evening. Reservations are essential at the address single ticket €13)
Festival MusicAntica – Baroque Stories 2023 • Gorizia, Pordenone, Trieste …

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