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Mahler Festival, the grandiose 'Symphony of the Thousand' in the Duomo with the Milan Symphony Orchestra
Claus Peter Flor conducts a very large ensemble in the famous Symphony no. 8 which Mahler himself defined as “an immense dispenser of joy”
Organized by: Milan Symphony Orchestra

Symphony Orchestra of Milan Presents

“Festival Mahler”
"Try to imagine that the universe begins to produce music and resonate” – with these words Gustav Mahler described his Symphony no. 8 – the grandiose Symphony of the Thousand: a unique and unmissable opportunity to listen to her live is offered byOrchestra Symphony of Milan, which Wednesday November 8, 2023 will perform it in the extraordinary setting of Duomo, in the context of Festivals Mahler which celebrates its thirty years of activity.

L'Orchestra and Symphonic Choir of Milan for this event which promises to be memorable, they have gathered around them a very large group of musicians: the Children's Choir of Milan, the As.Li.Co. Choir, i Pueri Cantores of the Chapel Musical of the Cathedral, the soloists Flurina Stucki, Eleanor Lyons, Elizabeth Breuer, sopranos, Bettina Ranch is Annely Peebo, mezzo-sopranos, Tuomas Katajala, tenor, Jochen Kuper, baritone, e Samuel Youn, bass. The director emeritus will lead the monumental staff Claus Peter Flor, who has had a twenty-year collaboration with the Milan Symphony Orchestra and was its musical director from 2017 to 2022. The event is organized in collaboration with Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano.

(Claus Peter Flor, Milan Symphony Orchestra, photocredit © Studio Hanninen)


I just finished my eighth grade. It's the greatest thing I've done so far. It is so out of the ordinary in content and form that it is not possible to write about it. Try to imagine that the universe begins to produce music and resonate. They are no longer human voices, but planets and suns that rotate".

With these words, addressed to the conductor Willem Mengelberg in a letter from the summer 1906, Gustav Mahler announces the birth of his new symphony. And some time later, he wrote to his friend Richard Specht: «It is a gift to the Nation [...]. My other works are tragic and subjective. This is an immense dispenser of joy".

In the economy of Mahlerian symphonic production, the Eighth would therefore throw a beam of radiant light into a realm populated by disturbing shadows, representing an isolated experience, at most reconnectable with the yearning for redemption of the Second Symphony. The very happiness of the inspiration that allowed its author to complete the work in eight weeks would seem to confirm it: «It was like a lightning vision: suddenly everything was before my eyes [...]. By chance I recently came across an old book, and I opened it to the hymn «Veni, creator spiritus», and suddenly everything was in front of me: not only the first theme, but the entire first movement".
Mahler Festival, the grandiose 'Symphony of the Thousand' in the Duomo with the Milan Symphony Orchestra

Other information of interest

The concert will be preceded at 18 hours From one listening guide, in the Sala dei Milanesi of the Archive of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano, Piazza Duomo 20, edited by the musicologist Gastón Fournier-Facio.

To partecipate (free entry with reservation required) it is necessary to send an email to by Tuesday 7 November.


Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Choir of Milan
Children's Choir of Milan
AsLiCo Choir
Pueri Cantores of the Musical Chapel of the Cathedral of Milan

  Massimo Fiocchi Malaspina Choir Master
Flurina Stucki soprano
Eleanor Lyons soprano
Elisabeth Breuer soprano
Bettina Ranch mezzo soprano
Annely Peebo mezzo soprano
Tuomas Katajala tenor
Jochen Kupfer baritone
Samuel Youn bass

Massimo Palombella Master of the Pueri Cantores Choir 
Maria Teresa Tramontin Master of the Choir of White Voices

Claus Peter Flor Director

In collaboration with Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano


Gustav Mahler
Symphony no. 8 in E flat major “Symphony of the Thousand”


The Milan Symphony Orchestra celebrates its thirtieth anniversary with the Festival . . .

Ten great Italian orchestras together for the first time for an unprecedented event . . .

Concertisti Classica

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