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Duni Festival of Matera 2023 | XXIV edition
One of the oldest festivals in Southern Italy returns, this year dedicated to Meridian Song there will be fifteen events proposed in the most beautiful historical places of Matera
Free entry at the concerts of September 29 in the Cathedral of Matera, ù and del September 30th is November 18 in the Church of San Giovanni Battista.

For all other events, full price tickets are €10, concessions (students) are €5
Dedicated to Meridian Song, the XXIV edition of the Duni Festival It will take place from 29 September to 19 November 2023, bringing music to the most beautiful historical places of Matera: the Cathedral, the Church of San Giovanni Battista, the Palazzo Viceconte and the Guerrieri Theatre. Curated by the artistic director Dinko Fabris, the 2023 billboard proposes 15 musical events between Renaissance and Baroque, not forgetting the sound worlds of contemporaneity. In addition to the concerts, the program is completed by a study meeting on Vivaldi at the Marchesale Palace of Pomarico and one multidisciplinary marathon dedicated to Molière.

Among the oldest festivals in southern Italy, this year too the event will host some of the most appreciated musicians on the international scene, such as the Australian John Griffiths, the world's leading vihuela expert, the ensembles Les Arts Florissants is Micrologus, the actor-singer Pino De Vittorio with the Spaniards Capella de Minestrers, the harpsichordist Enrico Baiano, the pianist Emanuele Arciuli, the voices of Furio Zanasi is Maria Cristina Kiehr.

Of particular note is the inaugural concert proposed by Antonio Florio with her Neapolitan Chapel, aimed at the rediscovery of Donato Ricchezza, an influential but forgotten Matera composer of the seventeenth century.

The program

The Festival Duni inaugurates the XXIV edition  Friday 29 September  (8 pm) in the Matera Cathedral, with a concert dedicated to Donato Ricchezza composer who played a leading role in late seventeenth-century Naples but who has only recently been rediscovered by Antonio Florio, who also spread the news of his birth in Matera discovered by Cristina D'Alessandro. Having moved from Lucania to Naples, Ricchezza became a pupil of the most important Neapolitan master of the century, Francesco Provenzale, at the Conservatory of S. Maria di Loreto, and was then admitted to the Royal Cappella as a violin virtuoso. He later took vows and became chapel master of the Oratorio dei Filippini, today better known as the Oratorio dei Girolamini of Naples, where all his works are preserved.

Musicologist, composer and director of Neapolitan Chapel, Antonio Florio will perform with his celebrated ensemble of historically informed voices and instruments Nabucco is The Swan of Poland of Donated Wealth. The concert will be preceded by an introduction by Cristina and Domenico D'Alessandro.

The Duni 2023 Festival features numerous other events with some of the most popular musicians on the international scene:

Saturday 30 September in the Romanesque church of San Giovanni Battista in Matera Ester Facchini and Franco Pavan in the program Giulio Caccini's garden isArias and pieces for archlute from the early Italian seventeenth century will follow:

Sunday 1 October among the frescoes of Palazzo Viceconte, in the heart of Civita di Matera, theEnsemble Micrologus brings his repertoire dedicated to music in the Kingdom of Naples to the city of Sassi in the project Nice time past, in collaboration with the Spanish Consulate and the Instituto Cervantes of Naples.

The 12 October, again at Palazzo Viceconte, the Australian musician and musicologist will be on stage John Griffiths, the world's leading expert on the vihuela, the stringed instrument typical of the Spanish Renaissance. In his precious concert he presents six of the 33 rarely heard fantasies taken from the collection Silva de Sirenas by Enríquez de Valderábbano, 16th century Spanish vihuelist.

The October 13 after two years the very famous French baroque music ensemble returns to Matera Les Arts Florissants directed by Paul Agnew. The program offers a stimulating comparison between the madrigals of the two major protagonists of Italian musical history between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Charles Gesualdo of Venosa is Claudio Monteverdi – two composers born a year apart who will push musical composition in two radically different directions.

Concert dedicated to Georg Friedrich Händel the October 20 at Palazzo Viceconte: Enrico Baiano on the harpsichord e Thomas Rossi on the flute they will perform the Sonatas for flute and continuous bass by the German composer. Baiano is considered one of the most important harpsichordists of our time and will play for the first time in Matera.

From Spain to Naples, traveling to the Mediterranean Sea with the Chapel of MinistersSunday 22 October Neapolitan villanelles and Renaissance dances arrive directly from Valencia in Matera Mediterranean. A sea of music, a work with which the Spanish ensemble claims the Mediterranean imprint that has united Naples and Spain for centuries, which has always been underlined both in their recordings and in live performances. Among the performers the Italian Pino De Vittorio, considered the greatest actor-singer of the southern cultured and popular tradition.

Another program dedicated to the vihuela, this time in association with the voice, is scheduled for October 29Maria Cristina Kiehr and Ariel Abramovic they will perform music by sixteenth-century Spanish authors with the project "Fictional".

the November 1 L'Baroque Orchestra of the Duni Festival remains in the wake of the Neapolitan School with a concert dedicated to Scarlet is Pergolesi;

The day of November 5, on the stage of the Guerrieri Municipal Theatre, will be entirely dedicated to the genius of Moliere with an artistic marathon that will see alternating dance, music and theatre: at 11am it starts with theBaroque Orchestra of the Duni Festival directed by Francesco D'Orazio; at 12 will go on stage Le Bourgeois gentilhomme by Lully and Molière, suite of dances from 1670 with choreographies by Marco Magrino and Rossella Iacovone; at 17 we continue with the Moliere film by Ariane Mnouchkine introduced and illustrated by Nanni Coppola; finally at 20:30 in the'Auditorium of the Matera Conservatory the reciting voice of Flavio Insinna will accompany theSymphony Orchestra of Matera directed by Rino Marrone in the work The Bourgeois Gentleman by Richard Strauss.

Saturday 11 November in the rooms of the Marchesale Palace of Pomarico a study day is planned Perform Antonio Vivaldi today; to follow, theSymphony Orchestra of Matera (with baroque first parts) conducted by Francesco D'Orazio and with the participation of the countertenor Nicolò Balducci will propose Symphonic arias and concerts by Antonio Vivaldi.

The November 17 the voice of Furio Zanasi accompanied byEnsemble La Chimera with lute and direction Eduardo Egüez offers the rare historical reconstruction of a “Concert for Cardinal Montalto” i.e music that was performed around 1620 in the circle of the most melomaniac of the Baroque Roman cardinals.

the November 18 in the Church of San Giovanni Battista it will be the turn of the original project To the distant beloved, dedicated to 'love letters' in music, from Monteverdi to Beethoven. They will be heard thanks to the voice of Carlotta Colombo and the baroque harp of Chiara Granata, with readings selected and commented on by Dinko Fabris.

The XXIV Festival Duni will close Sunday 19 November at the Guerrieri Theater with the performance of Emanuele Arciuli, among the greatest interpreters of 20th and 21st century music with particular reference to American composers. Scheduled 36 variations on the song El pueblo unido jamás será vencido by Frederic Rzewski. Arciuli, who has been a piano teacher at the Bari Conservatory for years but active throughout the world, was recently appointed Academician of Santa Cecilia. Executes a great classic of the twentieth century with a social background which opens and closes with the same theme, substantially unchanged, recalling in its formal structure the incipit and coda of Bach's famous Goldberg Variations. Well-known arias and thematic cells chase each other in this powerful work, a symbol of the fight for freedom, starting from Pinochet's dictatorship in Chile which then extends to all the regimes of the world in a broad sense, trying to express the song and feelings of all the South of the world.

Ticket office

Free entry at the concerts of September 29 in the Cathedral of Matera, ù and del September 30th is November 18 in the Church of San Giovanni Battista.

For all other events, full price tickets are €10, concessions (students) are €5

There is more

“In 2024 the Duni Festival will celebrate its first quarter century. A rare achievement among the music festivals of southern Italy and certainly the longest-running specialized in ancient music after the Leonardo Leo of Puglia" explains the Artistic Director Dinko Fabris. “To prepare for this significant event for Matera, we conceived with its founder and true driving force, Saverio Vizziello, a “bridge” formula, which as always unites some of the most established artists on the international “ancient” scene, some for the first time in Matera and Basilicata, and young performers on the rise who have started a prestigious career from the south. The themes are apparently heterogeneous, but in reality it is possible to identify coherent paths that connect all the proposals in a subtle plot. We have chosen to continue in our ideal exploration of the soundscape of the past from the original southern perspective, given the natural Mediterranean position of the "city of the Stones", but always from a European perspective, confirmed by our presence in the REMA (Reseau Européen des Festivals de Old Music). After theI listen, chosen as the theme of the 2022 edition, this year we explore the voice engaged in sing meridian, as the incantatory song of the Mediterranean Sirens was defined in ancient times”.
Duni Festival of Matera 2023 | XXIV edition

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