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Festival in Milan
5 Days Festival 2024 – XVIII edition • Milan and Como
Musical theatre, concert meetings and seminars to explore the world of contemporary music
From March 18th
to March 22, 2024
Theme Association and Contemporary Music Center – Milan
Back on 5 Days Festival, a Milanese event dedicated to the world of contemporary music in its various expressions: with the artistic direction of Alessandro Calcagnile is Rossella Spinosa, the 18 edition It will take place from 18 to 22 March 2024 to Milan at it SLAP – Spazio Lambrate and the Museum of the Twentieth Century, touching this year too Como.

Promoted by Theme association is Contemporary Music Center, the 5 Days Festival 2024 offers a busy schedule musical shows, meetings-concert is training seminars, with a program structured around two main strands: the in-depth study of the work of John Cage as a central figure in the panorama of the musical avant-garde of the twentieth century, with the performance of various pieces during the event and with the closing event dedicated to 'Lecture on nothing', and the attention to musical theater, to which the five evening shows are dedicated.

In detail, the Festival provides

  • 5 composition workshops (scheduled every day at 10am at SLAP Milano)

Reserved for selected students, the meetings are held every day by an authoritative representative of contemporary music: Alexander Solbiati, Vittorio Zago, George Columbus Taccani, Sergio spear is Sonia Bo.

  • 5 concert-meetings morning hours (11.30am always at SLAP Milan; entrance with ticket)

The protagonist will be from time to time an artist active in the world of contemporary music: Laura Catrani, Maurizio Barbetti, Piercarlo Sacco, Alfonso Alberti is Arturo Tallini.

  • 5 musical theater shows in the afternoon or evening

All included in the combination of "sound and word", these are the titles: Inhuman, The girl with golden eyes, With many voices, Lecture on Nothing.

The program

Off we go Monday 18 March at 9pm Pontifical Gallio College of Como with Inhuman, melody in one act for piano and voice by Rossella Spinosa is Laura Silvia Battaglia, journalist and documentary maker, reporter in crisis areas specialized in the Middle East and teacher in various Italian and European institutions, in a sort of Milan/Como bridge in the name of the Five Historical Days. The event, organized in synergy with the Como Melologist Festival, is subtitled What is a man without freedom, in close dialogue with the tragic complexity of the present, with a text created by one of the journalistic personalities with the most profound knowledge of the current situation of the Middle Eastern conflict. The piano and the speaking voice interact in the stage action without interruption, in the alternation of scenes and characters, answering the priority question: what will remain of us, where will we go, starting from a living condition that has now become "inhuman"?

After the Como date, the show will be repeated the following day, Tuesday 19 March at 5.30 pm, al Museum of the Twentieth Century in Milan. As part of the event on March 19th, the winning piece of the Festival 5 Giornate Competition will also be performed by the New MADE Ensemble directed by Alessandro Calcagnile, as well as a special tribute to the figure of Luciano Berio with the performance of Sequenza I for solo flute.

Wednesday 20 March the show is scheduled The girl with golden eyes (SLAP Milan, 6.45 pm) with Giordano Agrusta, narrator, e Lucrezia Proietti, piano. The show, which takes its title in homage to Pietro Citati's latest book, was born from the intention of talking about gender violence through musical events. For the occasion two Italian composers, Riccardo Panfili is Fabrizio De Rossi King, have composed two works which, with different styles, see the ancient and courtly language of the melodrama immersed in the most restless ferments of contemporaneity. The project, in particular, revolves around the figure of Hildegard of Bingen, a highly cultured protagonist of medieval monastic culture and one of the most authoritative figures of the Early Middle Ages.

Thursday 21 March at 6.45pm, again at the SLAP Milan space, it is the turn of the show With many voices with the reciting voice of Sonia Grandis, actress and director with an intense activity in theatre, radio and television, e Simone Cutuli on guitar, musician winner of several national and international competitions. The show, which reflects innovative and personal writings, presents melologues by seven composers: Condanna with music by Francesco Celeste and lyrics by Matteo Loglisci, Confessione with music and lyrics by Massimo Varchione, Geiko with music and lyrics by Irena Zlateva, (freely based on Friedrich Hölderlin and Kobayashi Issa), Layback with music and lyrics by Antonella Bertoni (freely based on Henrik Ibsen), Chains with music and lyrics by Adriana Cioffi (freely based on the works of Walter Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Charles Baudelaire), In his presence with music and lyrics by Cristina Maria Noli, Riflesso with music by Matteo Rigotti and lyrics by Tersite Rossi.

The last show for the final evening of Friday 22 March (SLAP Milan, 6.45 pm) which closes the 2024 edition of the Festival, features the soprano Lorna Ruth Windsor is Rossella Spinosa engaged in Lecture on nothing by John Cage, a central text in the experimental literature of the twenty-first century, together with melologues by the American Frederic Rzewski. In Lecture on nothing Cage requires us to give life to an inspired visual and acoustic interpretation of his philosophical and poetic text; the accents, the pauses, the rhythm, the sound of the language become essential pillars for the creation of a space in which text and silence take on equal value, generating the Cagean language/music of the sound of silence.
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The 5 Days Festival is made in collaboration with the municipality of Milan is Municipality of Como, Museum of the Twentieth Century, SLAP Spazio Lambrate Performing Arts, Pontifical Gallio College, Edizioni Sconfinarte.
The start of the Festival is entrusted to two appointments: in the morning with the first composition seminar at SLAP Spazio Lambrate Arti Performative in Milan and in the evening in Como with the show Inumana on stage at the Pontificio Collegio Gallio, an event created in collaboration with the Festival of the Melologist of Como.

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5 Days Festival 2024 – XVIII edition • Milan and Como
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