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Inte Luglio Musicale Trapanese - Giuseppe Di Stefano Theater
The summer opera season of the Luglio Musicale Trapani takes place in the open-air theater of Villa Margherita, named after the tenor Giuseppe Di Stefano.


The July Musical Trapani has a rich artistic offer that includes opera, dance, jazz music, prose performances and the commitment to musical education in schools.
The July Musical Trapani is not limited to the summer season, but also extends to the winter months, offering prose seasons of great appeal that are included in the national theater circuits.

Other rooms or locations

Cloister of San Domenico, Trapani.

Since 1948, the July Musicale Trapanese body has exercised the role of theatrical structure committed, in the municipal and provincial ambit, to the achievement of the objective of disseminating theatrical activity and enhancing the cultural/artistic level of the relative territory. Of substantial importance has always been the opera production, mainly represented during the summer season in the prestigious open-air theater of Villa Margherita named after the great Sicilian tenor Giuseppe Di Stefano. Subsequently, the institution expanded its range of functions with the launch of prose seasons of great appeal, rightfully placed in the circuits of the national theater.

Inte Luglio Musicale Trapanese - Giuseppe Di Stefano Theater
In 1948, Maestro Giovanni De Santis, founder of the July Music Board of Trapani, had the idea of resuming the events organized in his hometown in the period 1932-1939 and giving them a stable and defined form. De Santis turned to the Mayor of Trapani, Prof. Ricevuto, to obtain consent and support for the realization of the project. Thanks to the funds raised through the personal obligations of its members, the Committee, chaired by Mayor Ricevuto, commissioned the G. Virgilio Company to build the theatre, which was completed successfully and in record time.

De Santis, although not a member of the Committee, took on the artistic consultancy of the work. He loved his city and the project so much that he actively worked as a warehouseman, overseer and even a worker to guarantee the success of the July Musical Trapani event. Maestro De Santis also worked to raise funds to improve the surrounding environment, replacing the barbed wire that surrounded the Villa with wrought iron panels.

The July Musical Trapani then became a reality with a program of shows of high artistic level. Over the years, internationally renowned singers such as Andrea Mongelli, Virginia Zeani, Gino Bechi, Gianna Pederzini, Ettore Bastianini and many others have performed.

Ente July Musicale Trapani has grown over the years, becoming a stable and autonomous organization with employees specialized in the theater sector. In addition to the summer season, the institution has extended its activities to include the winter months, including highly popular prose seasons. It has acquired official acknowledgments and has become one of the international institutions operating in the opera theater sector. The July Musical Trapani was recognized as a "Teatro di Tradizione" by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities in November 2003. Over the years, it has hosted the best theater companies, renowned Italian actors and directors, contributing to the dissemination and promotion of the performing arts in the city of Trapani.

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