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Damiana Natali: between beauty and ethics of music, an extraordinary artist
A passionate and committed talent who communicates from the heart through his music
2023 is a year full of successes for the Italian director Damiana Natali, focused on the recording production of symphonic masterpieces by Mozart, Schumann is Rachmaninov, and on own compositions originals. His music is now available on major digital stores, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, QQ Music and many others.

Among the more recent engravings of Damiana Natali, the homage to stands out Sergej Rachmaninov on the 150th anniversary of his birth. Damiana has just published the interpretation of Concert no. 3 for piano and orchestra in D minor, op. 30, recorded with the pianist Sofya Gulyak. Sofya was the first woman to win the prestigious 16th Leeds International Piano Competition, and together with Damiana she created a masterful interpretation of this Rachmaninov masterpiece, performed for the first time by two female performers. Their album is a testament to the passion and artistic sensibility of both musicians, particularly inspired by the Russian composer.

Damian Natali has come to international attention since 2001, when her piece “Breath of Light” for flute and string orchestra was performed by the professors of theOrchestra Rai of Turin for the Pope's apostolic visit John Paul II in Ukraine, in Kiev and Lviv. The piece, broadcast worldwide, earned the young composer the title of “musician of Woityla”, and the message of peace and hope that music brought to that tormented nation - already then crossed by moments of difficulty and political instability - has tragically become current again.

But the talent of Damian Natali it is not limited to composition and conducting. She is also a social artist, founder of theArs Harmonica Orchestra, a nationally recognized Social Promotion Association by the Ministry of Labour. With the orchestra, Damiana has carried out a valuable musical activity in support of Foundations and social causes, realizing numerous productions and tours. Damiana demonstrated how music can be a powerful tool to bring beauty and hope to places that need it most.

The music of Damian Natali continues to resonate on national television networks Rai is Mediaset: his song “Donate pacem" for chorus, soloists and orchestra, was broadcast by Rai Cultura in 2021 during the 1st International Day of the Victims of Covid, in the presence of high state officials. “The Night of Hugs/ The Night of the Lights” was sent by TV2000, witnessing the will for rebirth after the pandemic.

In 2022, Damiana is still composing the opening theme of the 52nd World Earth Day, an event broadcast on Rai Play from Rome and listened to in 143 countries around the world. An international recognition that confirms its ability to involve the public on a global level, conveying a message of attention and respect for nature and the environment.

Continuing in this direction, the composer has recently written several pieces of music dedicated to water, performed in a concert and a conference dedicated to Bergamo and Brescia, European Capitals of Culture 2023. Among the pieces, the most outstanding “Waves! / Waves” And "The Gold of Life"(The Gold of Life), part of a cycle entirely dedicated to nature and the need to preserve the environment and its resources. These are symphonic compositions, which acquire a particular touch with the addition of percussive instruments made with natural materials, such as the oceanic drum containing sand and the rain stick, a cactus trunk that resonates thanks to the thorns inside.

Damian Natali she is a talented, passionate and committed conductor who combines the beauty and ethics of music in a remarkable way. Her ability to tie life stories to notes and to interpret music in a profound and emotional way is what makes her a unique artist of her kind. Through her performances, which combine technical perfection and interpretative sensitivity, Damiana communicates from the heart and conveys a message of hope, awareness and love for music and the world around us.

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It is possible to listen to some of the songs composed by Damiana Natali on the main music platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal).

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The Ars Armonica Orchestra, founded in 2008 by Damiana Natali, is a musical formation that unites professional artists and young talents. With extensive experience and partnerships with leading orchestras and choirs, the orchestra is committed to promoting collaboration, heritage preservation and human values through music. The repertoire ranges from baroque to contemporary, with numerous recordings and successful concerts.

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