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Concert at dawn, Alessandro Marangoni at the Orbetello Piano Festival
Chopin and Rossini resound in the Patanella Wood
Organized by: Kaletra Contemporanea cultural association

Kaletra Contemporary Cultural Association Presents

"Orbetello Piano Festival 2022"
L'Orbetello Piano Festival, which among its strengths is to bring music to unexpected places, woods, cliffs, terraces ... as part of the 2022 program proposes a pianorécital by Alessandro Marangoni, located not only in a naturalistic setting of extraordinary beauty, but also in the most magical moment of the day, the sunrise.

The expected Concert at dawn, scheduled for Thursday August 4th at 6 o'clock, he will play the piano of Alessandro Marangoni in the green frame of the Wood of Patanella, located along the edge of the Orbetello lagoon, in front of the Argentario promontory. The wood, one of the last strips of cork oak, is part of the natural reserve of the Orbetello Lagoon, established by the WWF in 1988, one of the most important lagoon ecosystems in Italy.

The refined choice of the setting and time of the concert could only correspond to the refinement of the program, Chopin and Rossini, a romantic dialogue, which alternates passages from Péchés de vieillesse of the Pesaro genius a ballads, nocturnes and jokes of the 'poet of the piano'. A high-class event, not to be missed.


(Alessandro Marangoni photo © Daniele Cruciani)
Concert at dawn, Alessandro Marangoni at the Orbetello Piano Festival


Alessandro Marangoni, piano


Chopin and Rossini, a romantic dialogue

Rossini: Inoffensive prelude
Chopin: Ballad n. 1
Rossini: Petite Polka chinoise
Chopin: Nocturne in C sharp min. op. posthumously
Rossini: Une caresse à ma femme
Chopin: Joke n. 2 op. 31
Rossini: Barcarole


Orbetello Piano Festival 2022

Concerts between sea, land and lagoon in one of the most enchanting settings of the . . .

Concertisti Classica

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