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Classical Music in Italy
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“Concerts for Federico”, the New Scarlatti Orchestra at the Gallop of the Reggia di Portici
The Spring Concert organized by the New Scarlatti Orchestra in collaboration with the F2 Cultura project of the Federico II University is dedicated to Naples and Vienna, On the podium Maestro Pasquale Valerio, tenor Francesco Malapena
Organized by: Nuova Orchestra Alessandro Scarlatti

New Orchestra Alessandro Scarlatti Presents

"Concerts for Federico"
It will be the suggestive and unusual setting of the Royal Gallop of the Palace of Portici to welcome the Spring concert organized by New Scarlatti Orchestra in collaboration with the F2Cultura project of the Frederick University: Thursday 21 April (7 pm) as part of the "Concerts for Federico ", an itinerant review between the University's offices, the evening will be held 'Naples / Vienna, dedicated to the two great capitals of music.

On the poster a brilliant symphonic and vocal program that will range from Mozart is Rossini to J. Strauss jr, great Neapolitan song: from the sparkling Mozartian Overture of the Marriage of Figaro it will pass to the 'Neapolitan' Rossini of Barber of Seville, ofItalian in Algiers and the famous Tarantella, to arrive at the most famous Polke is Waltz by Johann Strauss jr and to the symphonic versions of the best gems of the classic Neapolitan song.

On the podium of the New Scarlatti Orchestra will rise Pasquale Valerio, Neapolitan active overseas at the head of the Villages Philharmonic Orchestra in Florida, while the arias and songs will be the prerogative of the appreciated tenor Francesco Malapena.

The very elegant location of the Gallop of the Department of Agriculture of the Federico II University of Naples, recently restored to its former glory, admired in its time by Emperor Joseph II who took it as a model for the similar structure annexed to the Austrian castle of Schönbrunn, will be the ideal setting for this comparison between two great musical capitals, Naples and Vienna .


(In the images, the tenor Francesco Malapena; below the Royal Palace of Portici, built in the years 1738 - 42 by Antonio Canevari at the behest of Charles of Bourbon)


The concert is free admission subject to availability. Registration at the link is recommended
“Concerts for Federico”, the New Scarlatti Orchestra at the Gallop of the Reggia di Portici


tenor Francesco Malapena
New Scarlatti Orchestra
director Pasquale Valerio


'Naples / Vienna'
Spring concert at the University

Music by WA Mozart. G. Rossini, J. Strauss jr., FP Tosti and others


Naples, New Year's Concert of the New Scarlatti Orchestra at the . . .

For the 26th edition of the concert he will take the podium of the Nuova Orchestra . . .

Author: Sabine Frantellizzi

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