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Catania, at Massimo Bellini in the world premiere of "History of Sant'Agata" by Giovanni Sollima
Based on a libretto by Filippo Arriva, freely taken from the fifteenth-century poem by Antoni d'Oliveri, the Oratorio is part of the celebrations dedicated to Sant'Agata, one of the most spectacular and popular religious festivals in the world
History of Sant'Agata, oratory of Giovanni Sollima on booklet by Philip arrives, takes place in first ever Wednesday February 1, 2023 (20.30) to Massimo Bellini Theater of Catania: the homage to the Patron Saint created with this new commission is under the sign of excellence, the result of the synergy between the opera body - which engages the orchestra, choir and technicians - and the Permanent Theater of Catania, who takes care of the set-up.

Giovanni Sollima, Renowned composer and cellist who needs no particular introduction, signs the score of a vibrant Oratorio, which combines symphonic elements, choral songs, soprano arias, recitation and prose choirs, united by his intense and Mediterranean music.

The booklet, by the writer and journalist Philip arrives, freely refers to the (almost) homonymous fifteenth-century poem in the illustrious Sicilian vernacular History of the translation of Santa Agata (1475) of Catania Antony dOliveri, author of numerous poems, but of whose life little is known.

History of Sant'Agata brings on stage Catanian commoners and fishermen who, besieged by “Turkish” pirates, recall their lives, but then, to give themselves courage and obtain the miracle of salvation from the enemy, they recite the story of Sant'Agata, the translation (from Jerusalem to Catania) of the martyr's body and her miracles.

The new production makes use of a qualified cast: he will be on the podium Salvatore Percacciolo, directed by Alessandro Idonea; choir master, Luigi Petrozziello, soprano lead voice Chiara Notarnicola, voices reciting the actors Rita Abela, Franz Cantaloupe, Salvo Disca, Evelyn Famà, Frank Mirabella, Manuela Ventura. Orchestra, choir and technicians of the Teatro Massimo Bellini.  

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Source: Massimo Bellini Theater

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