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Bologna Festival 2022 - 41st edition
The prestigious Bolognese festival is back, with big names, young promises and programs that explore ancient and contemporary alongside the cornerstones of the repertoire
"Music that leaves its mark", here she is 41. edition of the Bologna Festival , which from May to October will unfold in the usual reviews Great performers, Talents is The New the Old, preceded by the cycle of meetings Musical correspondence (from 30 March), and supported by the new musical dissemination initiative Before the Notes.

With the artistic direction of the Superintendent Magdalene of Lisca, the Bologna Festival come back therefore for the 41. edition, moving the calendar by one month with respect to customs, to avoid the inconvenience that the pandemic could still cause. The rich mosaic of the Bologna Festival 2022 programming is articulated in its traditional trajectories: the cycle of meetings Musical Correspondence (March 30 - April 26), the reviews Great Interpreters (May 2 - June 9), Talents (June 13 - July 5), The New the Old (September 21 - October 27), i Musical journeys between art and nature and the new musical dissemination initiative Before the Notes (May 2 - June 9).

A parade of stars from the international concert scene will animate the festival together with young and brilliant promises, with diversified musical proposals: alongside the great repertoires offered for listening by the masters of reference, known or rare pages of ancient music will be explored, giving space also to vivid expressions of the contemporary.

The pride of the Bolognese event is the review Great interpreters: almost a festival within a festival, it features internationally renowned conductors, orchestras and soloists. In quick succession they will alternate under the two Towers (starting from 2 May) John Eliot Gardiner, Daniel Harding, Jakub Hrůša, Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Alina Ibragimova, Khatia Buniatishvili, Mario Brunello, Vivica Genaux, Alexander Gadjiev, English Baroque Soloists, Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Les Musiciens du Louvre, Accademia dell'Annunciata, preceded by a concert by the countertenor Jakub Józef Orliński (April 11th).

  • MUSICAL SCRAPS (March 30 - April 26, Museum of Music, 4 meetings and a concert)

In the cycle of meetings Musical correspondence, four appointments at Music Museum from 30 March to 26 April (6.30 pm), through autographed writings, letters and testimonies, light is shed on the most hidden aspects of the existence and musical thought of composers such as Verdi and Debussy, of great interpreters of the past such as the legendary Farinelli, the most celebrated emasculated singer of the history, or of great interpreters of our times such as the conductor and composer Giuseppe Sinopoli.

In conjunction with the appointment dedicated to Farinelli, Monday April 11th (8.30 pm) in the Church of Saints Bartolomeo and Gaetano, the concert of the Polish countertenor will be held Jakub Józef Orliński. In his program Soul Aeterna Orliński ideally refers to Farinelli's singing style, imposing himself today - thanks to the perfection of the legate, the homogeneity of the colors and the precision of the diction - as one of the most reliable interpreters of that repertoire. The ensemble accompanies him in this concert Tomato directed by Francesco Corti.

First date of the Musical Correspondence the March 30: The song of the soul. Life and passions of Giuseppe Sinopoli with Gastón Fournier Facio, curator of the homonymous volume, and musical interventions by Silvia Cappellini Sinopoli (piano). To follow the April 6 Verdi's music in the years of Unification with Giovanni Bietti. Sunday April 10, Without dark feeling: Cavalier Farinelli's dialogues with his friends with Carlo Vitali and interventions by Jakub Józef Orliński. The April 26 Claude Debussy. Anywhere away from the world with Enzo Restagno and musical interventions by Pierpaolo Maurizzi (piano) e Giacomo Grava (cello).

  • GREAT INTERPRETERS (May 2 - June 9, Teatro Manzoni, 7 concerts)

Heart of the Bologna Festival, the review Great Interpreters takes place at Manzoni Theater from 2 May to 9 June, proposing some of the greatest conductors of the moment, Gardiner, Harding, Hrůša, at the head of titled European orchestral groups. Prominent soloists are the two violinists Patricia Kopatchinskaja and Alina Ibragimova, while the piano recitals are entrusted to Alexander Gadjiev and Khatia Buniatishvili. For Baroque music, the accredited French ensemble Les Musiciens du Louvre returns to Bologna with the extraordinary Vivica Genaux, and Mario Brunello with his small cello will not be missing.

Protagonists of the inaugural concert of the 41st edition of Bologna Festival, Monday May 2nd (20.30) to Manzoni Theater, John Eliot Gardiner and his English Baroque Soloists in a program that juxtaposes Haydn to Mozart, the Symphony “with the timpani roller” at the Symphony concertante KV 364 and the Symphony KV 543.

The May 5th climbs on the podium of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe to conduct the Second Symphony of Schumann the Czech director Jakub Hrůša, guest conductor of the Santa Cecilia Orchestra for six months. The eclectic violinist joins them Patricia Kopatchinskaja, which returns to the Bologna Festival with one of the masterpieces of the classical violin repertoire, the Concerto for violin and orchestra op. 61 by Beethoven.

The May 12 together withAccademia dell'Annunciata of Riccardo Doni, orchestra with original instruments that investigates the baroque and pre-classical repertoire, Mario Brunello, on the piccolo cello, performs a program dedicated to Giuseppe Tartini and contemporary authors.

First piano recital of the festival, the May 19 with the young man Alexander Gadjiev, awarded at the Warsaw Chopin Competition, which plays pages of Chopin is Schumann.

The May 24, space for vocal music with Vivica Genaux, one of the key voices of the Baroque Renaissance, which together with the Musiciens du Louvre proposes arias from the works of Handel is Purple.

The May 31 we return to the symphonic world with Daniel Harding, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra and the Russian violinist Alina Ibragimova, for a program composed by the Egmont Ouverture of Beethoven, the Seventh Symphony of Dvořák and the Concerto for violin and orchestra op. 64 of Mendelssohn.

The June 9 the conclusion of the Great Interpreters cycle is entrusted to the charismatic Georgian pianist Khatia Buniatishvili, who chooses to alternate Satie to Bach, Chopin to Schubert is Liszt.

News of the Bologna Festival 2022, the listening guide offered for each of the concerts of the festival with Before the Notes, cultural insights by Guido Barbieri is Fabio Sartorelli toOratory of San Filippo Neri (6 pm).

  • TALENTS (13 June - 5 July, Cloister of the Basilica of S. Stefano and Church of S. Michele in Bosco, 5 concerts)

In the summer it comes back Talents, the consolidated open-air concert series that alternates appointments with the piano festival Pianofortissimo in a unique programming created in collaboration with Unpublished for Culture.

Five concerts take place from 13 June to 5 July in Cloister of the Basilica of Santo Stefano and in Church of San Michele in Bosco, with young talents - all Italians for this edition - who perform the cornerstones of the chamber repertoire. They open Kevin Spanish (clarinet) e Simone Rugani (piano) followed by Luca Giovannini (cello) e Martina Consonni (piano), The Soloists of the Academic Chamber, the pianist Davide Ranaldi winner of the "Venice Prize" and closes on Eos Quartet.

  • THE NEW THE OLD (21 September - 27 October, Oratorio di San Filippo Neri, 8 concerts)

The autumn of the Bologna Festival 2022 is marked by the appointments of the historic review The New the Old, on the bill from 21 September to 27 October in the'Oratory of San Filippo Neri. The path in ancient and contemporary music this year pays particular attention to keyboard instruments, new or ancient, traditional or prepared, electronic or toys.

You will be able to hear the dazzling "Aphorisms”Paginated by the pianist Maria Grazia Bellocchio, which weaves the Játékok (Games) of Kurtág to Couperin, Scarlatti, Schubert, Tchaikovsky... (September 26), the excursus to the fortepiano of Andreas Staier running CPE Bach, Mozart is Haydn (October 20), or again Emanuele Arciuli (October 11th) than in his American Landscapes for five keyboards scrolls from John Cage to George Crumb, Missy Mazzoli or Marga Richter going from a harpsichord to a toy piano, from a prepared piano to a grand piano or an electronic keyboard.

New and Ancient intersect perfectly in the vocal polyphonies of the Tallis Scholars, which open the review on 21 September in Basilica of Saints Bartolomeo and Gaetano with the most mystical repertoire, from the sacred minimalism of Arvo Pärt to the most ancient Miserere of Gregorio Allegri is Thomas Tallis.

The percussionist's concert, on the other hand, is totally projected towards contemporaneity Simone Rubino (October 17), protagonist of a virtuoso performance with cymbals, gong, marimbe, temple-block, xylophones, claves in pages of Iannis Xenakis, John Cage, Keiko Abe, Tan Dun.

Closes The New and the Old Enrico Onofri to the baroque violin with his Imaginarium Ensemble, to discover the rarest pages of the seventeenth-century repertoire (October 27).

Finally, the large space dedicated as usual to small spectators with the events of Baby BoFe'(5 proposals from April 3 to December 18) e Notes on the Register, annual listening training for lower and upper secondary schools.

Two are also scheduled Musical journeys, with Mario Brunello to Arte Sella (25 June) in Trentino, a place that offers nature trails between artistic installations, and in Jordan (September 27 - October 2), in the company of Viktoria Mullova is Misha Mullov-Abbado, opportunities to enjoy exciting days of music and art in the midst of nature or against the backdrop of extraordinary archaeological sites.  

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The calendar of appointments

MUSICAL SCRAPS (March 30 - April 26)

  • March 30 The song of the soul. Life and passions of Giuseppe Sinopoli

  • April 6 Verdi's music in the years of Unification

  • April 10 Without dark feeling: Cavalier Farinelli's dialogues with his friends

  • April 11th Jakub Józef Orliński, The Golden Apple, Francesco Corti

  • April 26 Claude Debussy. Anywhere away from the world


  • May 2nd English Baroque Soloists, John Eliot Gardiner

  • May 5th Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Jakub Hrůša, Patricia Kopatchinskaja

  • May 12 Accademia dell'Annunciata, Riccardo Doni, Mario Brunello

  • May 19 Alexander Gadjiev

  • May 24 Les Musiciens du Louvre, Pablo Gutiérrez Ruiz, Vivica Genaux

  • May 31 Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Daniel Harding, Alina Ibragimova

  • June 9 Khatia Buniatishvili

TALENTS (June 13 - July 5)

  • June 13 Kevin Spanish, Simone Rugani

  • June 16 Luca Giovannini, Martina Consonni

  • June 21st Soloists of the Academic Chamber

  • June 30th Davide Ranaldi

  • July 5th Eos Quartet

THE NEW THE OLD (September 21 - October 27)

  • 21 September The Tallis Scholars, Peter Phillips

  • September 26 Maria Grazia Bellocchio

  • 6 October Prometheus Quartet

  • October 11th 6.30 pm Keyboards Variety meeting with Emanuele Arciuli

  • October 11th 8.30 pm Emanuele Arciuli, Nicola Monopoli

  • October 17 Simone Rubino

  • October 20 Andreas Staier

  • October 27 Imaginarium Ensemble, Enrico Onofri

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Bologna Festival 2022 - 41st edition

Author: Sabine Frantellizzi

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