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Pianist and composer born in 1990, Beatrice Venezi is the youngest conductor in Europe.

He currently conducts the New Scarlatti Orchestra of Naples, is assistant conductor of the First National Orchestra of Armenia and principal guest conductor of the Puccini Festival.

She graduated in piano under the guidance of the Argentine pianist Norberto Capelli and perfected herself with the Lucchesini, De Maria and Balzani masters.

In 2005 he won the 1st absolute prize of the National Piano Interpretation Competition “R. Zucchi” and in 2006 he won the 4th edition of the International Competition for Young Musicians “R. Zanuccoli”.

Among the many awards, in 2017 he won the historic Scala d'Oro award.

Corriere della Sera reports her among the 100 women of the year 2016 and reconfirms her by inserting Beatrice in the 50 people who in 2017 worldwide stood out for their professionalism and were revolutionary, resilient, nonconformist, pioneer, champion of femininity, of creativity and innovative resources.

In 2018 Forbes included Beatrice in the list of 100 young leaders of the future.

Great lover of all-round music, from classical to electronica, she fights for the dissemination of opera in an accessible and captivating way. Always at the forefront, to make young people discover classical music – he is also Chief Conductor of the Scarlatti Young Orchestra.

The social dimension of his music has an important message of openness and innovation, thanks to his career in the major theaters of the world, even in very conservative countries. Through her role as Deputy Conductor of the Armenian State Youth Orchestra, Beatrice was the first woman on the podium to receive public appreciation and esteem for her efforts to eliminate any discrimination against women.

She is an ambassador for Terres Des Hommes in support of the In Defense of Girls campaign.
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