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Auditorium Palazzo della Gran Guardia
The Gran Guardia is in the historic center of Verona. Its construction was long and troubled: it began in the seventeenth century and ended only in 1843. Thanks to its size and shape it is compared to the Arena, which is located a few tens of meters away, beyond the gardens of Piazza Bra.

The building's birth certificate was signed on 26 September 1609 with a formal request from Captain Mocenigo to the Doge of Venice Donà; the document requested the construction of a building to be used as a place for the review of the troops by the Doge, in the days when it was not possible, due to the weather, to do it outdoors. For the structure it was decided to rent it close to the walls of the Citadel, in order to have a completed wall already, and to be able to reduce costs and work times.

On 30 December 1609 the authorization was granted by the Doge, and on 13 February 1610 some senators of the Republic of Venice arrived in Verona to be able to contribute financially. In 1614 the money was already finished and the work was suspended.
A request for subsidies to the Doge was made only in 1639, but they were denied. Only in 1808 the works resumed, after almost two hundred years of inactivity. The construction was entrusted to the engineer Giuseppe Barbieri (who will also build the Gran Guardia Nuova, now the town hall). However, the works began only in 1818, under the rule of the Habsburg Empire. In 1848 the works were still in progress, and were stopped because the building was used by the Austrian army during the first war of independence. The Gran Guardia was finally completed in 1853.

The new building closed the south side of Piazza Brà, giving it a new layout and a new role (it becomes the central square of Verona, a role that had always been attributed to Piazza delle Erbe).

Auditorium Palazzo della Gran Guardia

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