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Auditorium Lo Squero - Cini Foundation, Venice
Located on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, the Squero, an ancient boat repair shop, was transformed in 2016 into an evocative Auditorium overlooking the Lagoon


The Squero currently hosts one Concert season programmed by Asolo Musica and the cycle Archipelago edited by The Dimore del Quartetto

L'Auditorium “Lo Squero"Is located in Venice onIsland of San Giorgio Maggiore and is managed by Giorgio Cini Foundation.

Built between 1830 and 1879, the Squero di San Giorgio is one of the ancient Venetian workshops intended for the construction, repair and shelter of boats, generally for private use such as gondolas. It is inspired by the great city architecture, taking up the model of the Arsenale from which it recovers design, materials, functional scheme.

The squeri, once widespread throughout the urban area, have greatly reduced due to the advent of new construction materials and the reduced use of rowing boats, today almost only for tourist and sports use. However, some are still active on Giudecca and in the Castello and Dorsoduro sestrieri, where the best known is the Squero di San Trovaso owned by the Municipality of Venice. The squeri are now almost exclusively dedicated to the construction and maintenance of gondolas.

The Squero on the Island of San Giorgio, which fell into disuse, at the beginning of the 1950s had undergone a restoration that had upset its structure, resulting in a closed building, inside which a thermal power plant had been built.

In 2016 the building has been transformed into a modern and suggestive auditorium with a capacity of 200 seats, thanks to the intervention of the architects Cattaruzza is Millosevich and with the contribution of the Interregional Superintendency for Public Works of Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Virginio Bruni Tedeschi Foundation.

The recovery project has restored the spatiality of the original squero, emptying the interior and freeing the fronts. Through a window about 13 meters wide the panorama of the lagoon bursts into the room, with a highly suggestive effect of continuity between the external and internal space, for an absolutely special listening experience.

A unique place that combines exceptional acoustics with a privileged location overlooking the lagoon.


The Cini Foundation

The Giorgio Cin Foundationi is a non-profit organization established in 1951 by Count Vittorio Cini in memory of his son Giorgio, who died at the age of thirty in a plane crash. It is the first example in Italy of a private organization that has humanistic research among its main purposes.

The Foundation was born at "aim to promote the restoration of the monumental complex of the island of San Giorgio Maggiore and to favor the establishment and development in its territory of educational, social, cultural and artistic institutions, in collaboration with those already existing". The small island of was in fact seriously degraded by almost one hundred and fifty years of military occupation; the restoration and reclamation interventions implemented by the foundation have allowed it to be reintroduced into the life of Venice and to make it an international center of cultural activities.

Today the Giorgio Cini Foundation is a cultural institution of international importance and stands out for being, at the same time, a center of study and a place for meetings and debates on contemporary issues. The Cini Foundation is also a priceless treasure chest of literary, artistic, musical and archival treasures.

Over the course of over sixty years, the Cini Foundation, in addition to its research activities, exhibitions and conferences, shows and concerts, has welcomed international events such as the G7, UNESCO conferences, congresses and conferences of qualified scientific and cultural organizations .

Auditorium Lo Squero - Cini Foundation, Venice

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Author: Sabine Frantellizzi
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