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Asolo Musica, the new 2022 Concert Season at the Lo Squero Auditorium in Venice
From June to December, 12 appointments in the suggestive structure of the Cini Foundation on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore
Organized by: Asolo Musica in collaboration with the Cini Foundation

Asolo Musica in collaboration with the Cini Presenta Foundation

TO Venice part there Concert Season 2022 edited by Asolo Musica in collaboration with the Cini Foundation toLo Squero Auditorium on the I.alone of San Giorgio Maggiore: I am 12 the appointments scheduled from 4th June to 17th December, all on Saturday afternoon at 16.30.

The Squero, formerly a shipyard and workshop for boats and today a modern concert hall of the Giorgio Cini Foundation, is a unique structure of its kind, an extraordinarily suggestive space directly overlooking the lagoon - almost a stage on the water that allows the public to experience the concert in a setting of incomparable beauty.

The billboard, as always laid out by the artistic director Federico Pupo, presents solo and chamber concerts with great classical performers, also offering a space for jazz pianism.

“As tradition at the Squero - explains Federico Pupo - Johann Sebastian Bach occupies a prominent place, with the performances of the Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin offered by Mario Brunello and Sonig Tchakerian: they are joined by Roberto Loreggian with the Goldberg Variations. Chamber music, on the other hand, is attended by the Quartetto di Venezia, the quartet in residence at the Cini Foundation; the program is completed by the performance of the pianist composer Antonio Fresa and the incursion of Rita Marcotulli and Danilo Rea, two of the most important international interpreters of jazz. "

We start with Mario Brunello to the small cello, which in three events will present the I.complete of the Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin of Johann Sebastian Bach, already recorded on a very successful double CD for the French label Arcana. In the three concerts scheduled at Lo Squero, Bach's compositions will also be presented through the monk's biblical meditations Lino Breda, in the context of a sort of "biblical story" that reveals the possibility of profound links between the Sonatas and Partitas with Sacred Scripture:

Saturday June 4th, In the opening concert titled Adam, where are you?, Mario Brunello will perform the Sonata No. 1 in G minor BWV 1001 and the Match no. 1 in B minor, BWV 1002 playing a very special instrument, the small four-stringed cello, which attracted the creativity of Bach, but fell into disuse over time. Rediscovered by Brunello, who plays an exact copy of an early seventeenth-century Amati instrument, the small cello is characterized by a seductive sound that recalls the fascinating timbre of the countertenor.

In the autumn part of the season, Mario Brunello will be the protagonist again with the next two apartments of the Bachian cycle, the November 12 with the concert entitled 'Passio' and the December 17 with the final meeting 'The world to come', again in the particular version for small cello in the company of the monk Lino Breda.

From the pages of Bach we pass theJune 11th to the world of jazz, with the vivid and colorful atmospheres of Rita Marcotulli, an internationally acclaimed Roman pianist and composer. In his concert, entitled Self portrait, the musician will retrace the different moments of her artistic career, with pieces born from the encounter with other forms of expression, from cinema to literature.

The following Saturday, June 18, back to Bach with the virtuoso harpsichordist Roberto Loreggian, welcome presence already last season, which will perform the very famous Goldberg variations.

The first part of the season will then end theJuly 8 with the concert A soundtrack experience, of the pianist and composer Antonio Fresa, for a special event that also includes the visit to the Borges Labyrinth of the Island of San Giorgio.

After the summer break, the September 10 we start again with the 'Improvisations' from Danilo Rea, awaited return to Lo Squero of the much appreciated jazz pianist, ready to drag the public into his elegant universe of enveloping sounds from vast horizons.

The September 24 it will be the turn of the violinist Sonig Tchakerian, which continues its path in Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin of Bach, launched for Asolo Musica last November.

Towards Venice is the title of the concert of 1st October which takes place on the occasion of the Venice Cocktail Week. Antonio Fresa on the piano he combines three movements of the performances (the journey, the seaside city and the art of mixing, understood as a skilful combination of spirits) with three cocktails that can be tasted at the San Giorgio Café after the concert. Towards Venice, therefore, towards the sea, towards the city, towards the music and towards the spirits that mix.

The November 12, the aforementioned appointment that sees the protagonist Mario Brunello together with the monk Lino Breda in the second concert of the Bachian cycle, Passio.

In the final part of the season, chamber music enters the scene:

They will be four chamber concerts, all with in-residence training at the Giorgio Cini Foundation since 2017, the well-known Quartet of Venice, an ensemble that boasts over 40 years of career.

L'October 8 a homage, on the bicentenary of his birth, to César Franck, the Belgian composer who later became a reference figure in French musical life of the second half of the 19th century. On stage the pianist Gloria Campaner and the Quartet of Venice, who will perform one of the most famous works of the chamber music production of Franck, the Quintet for piano and strings in F minor; two compositions by Claude Debussy, the Quartet in G minor, Op.10 is L'isle joyeuse, for piano solo.

The October 22 the Quartet of Venice will return with a program that matches the Quartet No. 2 in C major of Luigi Cherubini to the Quartet in F major op. 135 of Beethoven.

The November 26 with the Quartet of Venice they will be on stage Marco Rizzi on the violin and Gabriele Carcano at the piano; the Venetian ensemble will propose a second tribute to César Franck running his String Quartet in D major, while the second part of the program will be dedicated to two works, very different from each other, for violin, piano and string quartet: In Augusta's company (2022) by the American composer Curt Cacioppo (born in 1951) and the Concerto in D major op. 21 of Ernest Chausson.

The December 10 the Quartet of Venice will conclude its participation in the 2022 season of Asolo Musica present three songs that reflect three different moments of the quartet production: the Quartet in G major op. 52 n. 3 of Luigi Boccherini, the String Quartet No. 7 of Gian Francesco Malipiero and the String Quartet in E minor of Giuseppe Verdi.

The Concert Season 2022 at the Lo Squero Auditorium it closes on Saturday 17 December con the third and final appointment of the Complete Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin by Johann Sebastian Bach: in the concert entitled  "The world to come", Mario Brunello on the piccolo cello he will perform the Sonata No. 3 in D major for violin BWV 1005 e there Match no. 3 in E major for violin BWV 1006, flanked by the monk's biblical meditations Lino Breda.


(In the photos, the Quartet of Venice and Mario Brunello)


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Asolo Musica, the new 2022 Concert Season at the Lo Squero Auditorium in Venice


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