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Amiata Piano Festival - XVI edition
Unlimited cultured music in the heart of the Tuscan countryside
Great music is back on Monte Amiata after a year of silence: at the Bertarelli Foundation Forum in Poggi del Sasso (Grosseto) on 29 July the Amiata Piano Festival 2021 will be inaugurated, which will continue until 29 August and will close on 11 December with the traditional Christmas concert.

The Amiata Piano Festival was born in 2005 from the visionary project to bring cultured music among the most beautiful vineyards and olive trees in the world, a project shared by the wine entrepreneur Claudio Tipa and the pianist Maurizio Baglini, with the contribution of the cellist Silvia Chiesa and thanks to the enlightened patronage of the Bertarelli Foundation.

The festival is characterized from the outset by the eclectic spirit and originality of the cultural proposal, and so this year too the program is characterized by artistic intersections and unusual projects. The program, divided into nine concerts, is divided into sections Euterpe (29 July - 1 August) is Dionisus (August 26 -29), completed at the end of the year from the usual Christmas concert (11 December).

It ranges from events that combine music with dance (the opening concert with i soloists of the Stuttgart Ballet with Silvia Chiesa is Maurizio Baglini or to the recited word, protagonist Paola Pythagoras in the story of The Thousand and One Nights with the pianists Marco Sollini is Salvatore Barbatano, to reflections on the mathematics of sounds with the mathematician and scientific popularizer Piergiorgio Odifreddi.

And again, unusual proposals such as the concert for harp and glassharmonica by Pauline Haas and Thomas Bloch, French musician specializing in unusual instruments, or the intriguing American Journey for Five Keyboards by Emanuele Arciuli.

A constant of the Festival is the attention to the twentieth-century and contemporary repertoire, which we find again with the historic Milanese ensemble Wild Trails driven by Carlo Boccadoro on rare music by Torke, Testoni, Nyman, Jeffes.

Finally, do not forget the project by Silvia Chiesa, C3-ChurchCellosCremona with the unusual formation of eight cellos and the soprano Mariia Babilua, the Arches in three dimensions of the New Italian String Trio, and the Christmas concert led by Maurizio Baglini on a rarely used Beethoven repertoire.

The Amiata Piano Festival concerts are broadcast by RAI RADIO3 and a selection of them is annually published all over the world by Decca.

These are the appointments (all concerts start at 7pm):


July 29 In dance time
Silvia Chiesa cello; Maurizio Baglini piano; Alessandro Giaquinto choreography; dance Timoor Afshar, Alessandro Giaquinto, Matteo Miccini of the Stuttgart Ballet
music by Busoni, Casella, Castelnuovo -German

July 30 American journey for five keyboards
Emanuele Arciuli harpsichord, piano, prepared piano, electric and microtonal piano, toy piano; Nicola Monopoli Musical informatics and sound direction
Music by J. Adams, LS Harrison, Cage, Glass, Gann, HM Budd, Hovhaness, Rzewski

July 31 Sheherazade, voice of the Thousand and 1 Nights
Paola Pythagoras reciting voice; Marco Sollini, Salvatore Barbatano 4 hands piano
Rimsky-Korsakov ("Sheherazade", symphonic suite op. 35 - transcription for 4 hands piano by the author)

1 August Wild Trails, room with coffee!
Wild Trails Ensemble directed by Carlo Boccadoro
music by Torke, Testoni, Nyman, Jeffes.


August 26 Inspired by Bach
C3: Chiesa CellosCremona: Silvia Chiesa, Africa Dobner, Afra Mannucci, Clarissa Marino, Alessandro Mastracci, Andrea Nocerino, Francesco Scolaro, Roberta Selva cellos, with the participation of Mariia Babilua soprano
music by H. Villa-Lobos, JS Bach

August 27 The music of numbers
Conference-concert with Piergiorgio Odifreddi, mathematician, Giuseppe Fausto Modugno, speaker and pianist - with the participation of Maurizio Baglini piano
Music by JS Bach, WA Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Debussy, Ravel, Stravinsky

August 28 Arches in three dimensions
New Italian String Trio, and with the participation of Maurizio Baglini piano
Music by Schubert, Boccherini, Beethoven, Mahler

August 29 Harp & glassharmonica: Wunderkammer Musik
Pauline Haas harp; Thomas Bloch glassharmonica
Music by Röllig, Mozart, Grandjany, Rota ...

'Christmas concert'

December 11th Beethoven: room for 3 and for 7
Maurizio Baglini piano; Gabriele Pieranunzi violin; Francesco Fiore viola; Silvia Chiesa cello; Alberto Bocini double bass; Corrado Giuffredi clarinet; Paolo Carlini bassoon; Guido Corti horn
Music by Beethoven

Other information of interest

The billboard in brief:

Euterpe series on 29, 30, 31 July and 1 August

Dionisus series on 26. 27, 28 and 29 August

Christmas concert 11 December

There is more

The Auditorium of the Bertarelli Foundation Forum was designed by the Edoardo Milesi & Archos studio. The project won the 2017 AESS Sustainability First Prize, and received the recommendation of the jury of the Dedalo Minosse International Prize to the 2017 Commissioning of Architecture.

So the designers talk about it:

" Luxury is the silence of an architectural machine that does not produce noise (Vinoly), even more if able to produce symphonic music. This is the task of the concert hall designed for the Bertarelli Foundation on the top of a hill in the Maremma. "

The real reason for its organic and perfect shape, generated by golden proportions suited to the internal sound, was to avoid that the new construction, born from nothing, could generate an unusual rigidity in that nature of light and shapes organized by the wind.

Its walls must enhance the light, its smell must be added to that of stone, earth, grass and damp leaves.

“From the sky it looks like a large olive still attached to its nearest leaf. I had never thought of such a result although the concern of not harming the olive grove in the middle of which it lies has always been present. I was there also yesterday so as not to mistake its position with respect to the views, at the height of the pines, the correct position on the current ground level, which absolutely will not be changed. It was raining heavily and I attended a different concert. The orchestra didn't care about me even when I went through it, confused with the orchestrants. "

Other details and photo gallery here:

News on the Bertarelli Foundation:

Amiata Piano Festival - XVI edition

Author: Sabine Frantellizzi

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