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Amiata Piano Festival 2022 - XVII edition
Music returns among the vineyards and olive trees of an uncontaminated landscape, the Amiata Piano Festival offers a journey from thirteenth-century Spain to the contemporary
In the green casket of Tuscany, at the foot of the ancient mountain, theAmiata Piano Festival, scheduled from 30 June to 28 August 2022 to the Bertarelli Forum of Poggi del Sasso (Grosseto). There XVII edition, divided into three weekends plus the traditional Christmas concert, ranges from the Hispanic-Moorish Middle Ages by Alfonso El Sabio to the contemporaneity of an unusual 'ecoconcerto', ringing a series of events of great interest, often of an innovative nature. Founded by the cellist Silvia Chiesa and the pianist Maurizio Baglini who is its artistic director, theAmiata Piano Festival is supported by the Bertarelli Foundation, to which we also owe the futuristic Auditorium venue for concerts, a 'green' architecture totally integrated into the landscape, with ideal acoustics for chamber music. L'Amiata Piano Festival 2022 starts with the first weekend (June 30 - July 3), called 'Baccus': the first of the scheduled concerts, Thursday 30 June presents the very famous Ninth Symphony of Beethoven, in particular transcription of Liszt for two pianos, performed by the same Maurizio Baglini and by the great Canadian pianist Louis Lortie. The evening is part of the project, imagined by Lortie, of the complete Beethoven Symphonies in Liszt's transcription for two pianos, an initiative that will be completed next year and in which the young pianists Victoria Vassilenko, Djordje Radewski take part together with Lortie and Baglini. , Salih can Gevrek and Sergey Redkin. The next day, July 1, we take a step back in time, with the ancient music ensemble Theatrum Instrumentorum directed by the lutenist Aleksandar Sasha KarlicSerbian by birth but residing in Italy for almost forty years, a longtime collaborator of Moni Ovadia and a great connoisseur of Middle Eastern music and Islamic culture. With "Cantar of Spain among the Moors"Will present the Cantigas de Santa Maria, an important collection of songs in honor of the Virgin, traditionally attributed to the king of Castile Alfonso X “El Sabio"(1221-1284); the 2nd of July, the two 'hosts', Silvia Chiesa is Maurizio Baglini, a couple of art and life, will perform in the concert "American Mood”, Presenting the transcriptions for cello and piano of the songs of Gershwin is Bernstein, and the Sonata op. 6 d Samuel Barber; the July 3, closes the weekend "A romantic idyll", Grace Raimondi to the violin, Silvio Di Rocco to viola, Luigi Piovano on the cello e Gabriel Carcano on the piano they perform the Quartet in A minor of Mahler, the Quartet No. 3 op. 60 of Brahms and three pieces by Giuseppe Martucci, la Melody for violin and piano in G major is Two romances for cello and piano op. 72. The second weekend, 'Euterpe ', is scheduled from 28 to 31 July (with a suspension on 29): opening on July 28, continues the project dedicated to Beethoven's symphonies on the piano, Djordje Radevski is Salih Cam Gevrek they will perform the 3. and the 5. Symphony, again in the transcripts of Liszt; the July 30 "An unusual encounter"Brings together two instruments that are difficult to find together, the organ and the piano, the first played on this occasion by Adriano Falcioni, the second from Mariangela Vaccatello. If the appreciated Neapolitan pianist will propose pieces by Skrjabin is Chopin and Falcioni will perform a Passacaglia of Bach, the surprising part of the program is the unexpected transcriptions for organ and piano some songs by Mozart (Overture from Magic Flute, transcription by J. Scott) César Franck (op. 18 transcribed by the same author e Paul Dukas, (the famous Sorcerer's Apprentice in the transcription by Orazio Sciortino); the July 31, ends with a nice musical journey, "From Cinecittà to the New World " in the company of Silvia Chiesa on the cello, Maurizio Baglini on the floor e Federico Mondelci on the saxophone: stages, the United States with Bernstein, South America with Piazzolla, Cinecittà with Nino Rota. The third weekend, 'Dionisus', closes the summer of the Amiata Piano Festival at the end of August (25 -28.08.): the first of the concerts, "Do you like Brahms?" the 25 August sees on stage the Quartet of Venice and the piano of Maurizio Baglini, scheduled for first Quartet and the Quintet for piano and strings op. 34 by the Hamburg composer; the next day, August 26, the festival presents one of its most fascinating and particular events, "Ecoconcerto for soundscape of the Gran Paradiso and cello”, A project by Silvia Chiesa is Enrico Montrosset, sound designer and film producer from Valle d'Aosta. On the sound carpet formed by the recordings of the sounds of the Gran Paradiso park, returned through the electronic processing of Montrosset, Silvia Chiesa will perform pages of the great cell repertoire from Bach to the present day, * alternating them with her own improvisations. the August 27 back to Beethoven Symphonies in the piano transcription of Liszt, with Victoria Vassilenko is Sergey Redkin who perform the 4. and the8. Symphony; Sunday August 28 L'Amiata Piano Festival 2022 closes with the engaging Spanish rhythms of "Flamenco Dream”With the dancer and choreographer Karine Gonzalez and the pianist Dimitris Sarogio, on pieces by the great Iberian composers, Joaquín Turina, Manuel de Falla, Isaac Albéniz. The Amiata Piano Festival 2022 then returns as usual for the Concert Christmas, the December 10 with "Fantastic bestiary on stave”, An evening that combines the Carnival of the animals of Saint-Saëns to the contemporary piece of Carlo Boccadoro, Animalia for narrating voice, two pianos and instrumental group. On stage for this end-of-year greeting event, the actor Riccardo Pratesi, Maurizio Baglini, Silvia Church and other excellent instrumentalists. * All concerts start at 7pm.

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The Auditorium of the Bertarelli Foundation Forum was designed by the Edoardo Milesi & Archos studio. The project won the 2017 AESS Sustainability First Prize, and received the recommendation of the jury of the Dedalo Minosse International Prize to the 2017 Commissioning of Architecture.

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Amiata Piano Festival 2022 - XVII edition

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