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At the Milan Auditorium, Domenico Nordio's violin for the Season de laVerdi, conducted by Jader Bignamini
“A violin for two”, a world premiere by Silvia Colasanti, the Concerto for violin and orchestra op. 61 by Beethoven and Symphony No. 9 of Shostakovich

Milan Symphony Orchestra Giuseppe Verdi Presents

"Season 2021/22"
All 'Auditorium of Milan, the Season de laVerdi the 24, 25 and 27 March puts on the bill "A violin for two": One scheduled premiere composition of Silvia Colasanti, next to Beethoven is Šostakóvič, on the violin Domenico Nordio, on the podium of the Or Giuseppe Verdi Symphony Orchestra of Milan will rise Jader Bignamini.

Silvia Colasanti, one of the most authoritative voices of Italian and international contemporary music, from due Stagioni is the composer in residence of the Giuseppe Verdi Symphony Orchestra of Milan. His intelligent music now returns to the Milan Auditorium, the first time together with the Residence Director Jader Bignamini and the musical depth of Domenico Nordio, a soloist very attached to the Verdi Orchestra.

Of Silvia Colasanti Nordio will premiere 'Exercises to not say goodbye'for violin and orchestra, a piece commissioned by the Verdi Orchestra, in addition to Violin Concerto Op. 61 of Beethoven. Complete this monumental program there Symphony n.9 of Šostakóvič.

Silvia Colasanti it measures itself once again with a historical form, confirming its predilection to operate in the bed of tradition, always taking into account history and the responsibility towards it. Think of the Requiem. They will clench a comet in their fists, or ai String quartets which will be performed at the Teatro Gerolamo. The composer's words are eloquent and interesting about this first performance composition: "Writing a work for violin and orchestra today represents a difficult challenge, it means going back to an ensemble that has more than four centuries of history, for who wrote great masterpieces and explored the infinite expressive and technical possibilities of the instrument and its relationship with the orchestra. History makes its weight felt, but it is also the most important resource of knowledge of ourselves. 'Exercises to not say goodbye ' is a piece around the theme of detachment and loss, in the vivid memory of what one loved and continues to love in an ever new way, a story in sounds of the attempts that an existence makes, along a path full of references internal and memory, to live the present, looking to the future but with full awareness of our link with the past. "

To testify this perpetual confrontation with history, the approach to Concerto in D major op. 61 of Beethoven, dating back to the end of 1806 and written for the violinist Franz Clement (twenty-six at the time of the composition, as well as conductor at the Theater an der Wien), who had conducted the first performance of the Third Symphony.

The Milan Symphony Orchestra Giuseppe Verdi and Silvia Colasanti are not new to these operations. A similar "diptych" was created with a beautiful program of two seasons ago, which juxtaposed his "Requiem. They will clench a comet in their fists ”at Mozart's Requiem. An effective and interesting way to offer contemporary music, which, in Colasanti's case, has its roots in a centuries-old compositional tradition.

Complete the program la Ninth Symphony of Šostakóvič. Written in 1945 and performed for the first time in November of that year by the Leningrad Symphony Orchestra conducted by Eugenio Mravinski, it was born as the third part of a trilogy intended to celebrate the suffering, effort and victory of the Soviet people in the war against Nazi Germany. If everyone expected a ninth with sumptuous and triumphal tones, on the model of the much better known Beethoven Ninth, Shostakovič surprised everyone and composed a symphony without a choir, without triumphal endings but, on the contrary, with light and ironic tones, using classical schemes of the symphony eighteenth-nineteenth century. The performance of the Symphony aroused the hostility of official Soviet critics, who lamented the lack of substantial content and many interpreted it as an insult to the fallen of the homeland.

To direct this monumental program will be Jader Bignamini, Residence Director of the Giuseppe Verdi Symphony Orchestra of Milan.


(Domenico Nordio, photo © Marco Perulli, Silvia Colasanti, photo © Barbara Rigon)
At the Milan Auditorium, Domenico Nordio's violin for the Season de laVerdi, conducted by Jader Bignamini


Giuseppe Verdi Symphony Orchestra of Milan

Domenico Nordio violin
Jader Bignamini director


Silvia Colasanti
Exercises for not saying goodbye for violin and orchestra
commissioned by laVerdi. Absolute first performance

Dmitry Shostakovich
Symphony n. 9 in E flat major op. 70

Ludwig van Beethoven
Concerto for violin and orchestra in D major op. 61


25 March at 8 pm
March 27 at 4 pm

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