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At the Accademia di Santa Cecilia 'The shadow of the tyrant', on the podium Antonio Pappano, soloist the soprano Asmik Grigorian
Dosàna nóva by Claudio Ambrosini in world premiere, Richard Strauss and Šostakóvič

National Academy of Santa Cecilia Foundation Presenta

"Concert Season 2022 - 23"
To the Music Park of Rome, Antonio Pappano back on the podium of 'his' Santa Cecilia Orchestra the 13, 14 and 15 April 2023, to direct a suggestively titled program The shadow of the tyrant. Alongside Sir Tony, the highly regarded Lithuanian soprano Asmik Grigorian, musical theater revelation of recent years, "one of the proudest dramatic talents around" according to the New York Times. The layout includes Dosana nova of Claudio Ambrosini in first ever performance, i Four last Lieder of Richard Strauss and the Symphony n.10 of Dmitry Shostakovich.

The concert opens with the piece commissioned by the Accademia di Santa Cecilia from the Venetian Claudio Ambrosini, recently appointed Effective Academician and awarded in 2007 with the Golden Lion at the Venice Music Biennale. Dosàna nóva (“new wave” in the lagoon dialect) highlights the idea of “changing” sound – i.e. the continuous transformation of instrumental timbres – the use of sound perspectives and the creation of acoustic illusions, which Ambrosini calls “trompe-l' oreille".

“The water of the sea – explains the composer -, twice a day, comes to “visit” Venice: for six hours it grows, entering the lagoon, and in the following six hours it comes out, re-crossing all the canals of the city. The tide that returns to the sea in Venetian is called dosana, and then dosana nóva means “new wave” (nouvelle vague, new wave…). Symbolically: a re-embracement of nature after having crossed a world of history and culture.”

The evening continues with the Vier letzte lieder of Richard Strauss, extreme masterpieces composed for soprano and orchestra between 1946 and 1948 on texts by Hermann Hesse (the first three) and Joseph von Eichendorff (the last). The songs seem to summarize the cycle of life, from spring to the dying sun of twilight. Strauss was unable to hear his work – the first performance, at London's Albert Hall with Kirsten Flagstadt and Wilhelm Furtwängler conducting, took place on 22 May 1950, eight months after the composer's death.

At the end of the program, the Symphony n.10 in E minor (op. 93) of Dmitry Shostakovich. Written in 1953 and characterized by a tormented language, full of chiaroscuro and allusions, it is the first post-Stalin score, and has often been read as a representation of the years of Stalinist oppression and as a denunciation of the dictator's personality.

(Antonio Pappano, photocredit ©Musacchio – Ianiello; Asmik Grigorian, photocredit ©Algirdas Bakas)
At the Accademia di Santa Cecilia 'The shadow of the tyrant', on the podium Antonio Pappano, soloist the soprano Asmik Grigorian


Orchestra of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia
director Antonio Pappano
soprano Asmik Grigorian


The shadow of the tyrant

Claudio Ambrosini
Dosàna nóva
first ever performance – commission of the Academy of Santa Cecilia
Richard Strauss
Vier letzte lieder
Dmítrij Šostakóvič
Symphony no. 10


13 April 2023 at 7.30pm, 14 April at 8.30pm, 15 April at 6pm

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Antonio Pappano𝄞 Piano conductor

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