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Balanchine's 'Jewels' at the Scala in Milan, a sparkling ballet inspired by the creations of Claude Arpels
Back on the Scala stage "Jewels", a precious masterpiece by George Balanchine with the choreographic and musical gems of Emeralds, Rubies and Diamonds
Organized by: Teatro alla Scala

La Scala Theater Presents

"Season 2021 - 22"
It is dedicated to George Balanchine the second ballet of the bill 2021 - 22 al Teatro alla Scala of Milan: after The bayadère by Rudolf Nureyev, great success of the season opening, from 11 to 24 March back on stage 'Jewels', a sparkling triptych created by the great choreographer in 1967.

Six performances scheduled, with the Corps de Ballet and the Orchestra of the Teatro alla Scala, directed by Paul Connelly. Abstract ballet, without narrative elements, Jewels is one of Balanchine's most important works. He himself told how jewels had always fascinated him, he loved the beauty of stones, the color of gems "after all, I'm an Oriental, Georgian from the Caucasus! ". From the meeting with Claude Arpels (of the famous maison Van Cleef & Arpels), designer of magnificent jewels and in turn passionate about dance, the inspiration for the triptych of the “Jewels” was born.

The three sections of the ballet - Emeralds, Rubies is Diamonds - they are different in music, color and atmosphere. Taken together, they highlight the fundamental lines of Balanchine's artistic career, his relationship such as the great schools and the different dance styles, and with his chosen composers.

For each part of the ballet, Balanchine's choice fell on a different composer, on music that revealed the essence of each jewel, Gabriel Fauré for the Emeralds, Igor Stravinsky for the Rubies, Pëtr Il'ič Tchaikovsky for the Diamonds. At the same time, the three sections contain a tribute to the great national schools in the history of dance and to the companies that have marked Balanchine's creative path, the Mariinsky Theater, the Paris Opera and the New York City Ballet, a company he founded. .

Emeralds'thus recalls the nineteenth-century dances of French romanticism. 'Rubies', sparkling and witty, fully embodies the collaboration between Stravinsky and Balanchine,'Diamonds'evokes the order and grandeur of Imperial Russia and the Mariinsky Theater, where Balanchine grew artistically.

"Jewels"Was staged for the first time on April 13, 1967 at the State Theater in New York with the New York City Ballet.

Performed in 2011 at La Scala and on subsequent tours, the ballet was also resumed in 2014, always achieving great success with audiences and critics.


("Jewels", photo Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano © Teatro alla Scala, below Balanchine portrayed in the early 1940s)  


The March 3 at 6 pm to the Ridotto dei Palchi 'A. Toscanini'for the cycle "Before the first "  the scholar and critic of dance Silvia Poletti will hold a meeting open to the public entitled 'Between chorus line and imperial nostalgia. Balanchine's supreme homage to the art of ballet'.
Balanchine's 'Jewels' at the Scala in Milan, a sparkling ballet inspired by the creations of Claude Arpels


Corps de Ballet and Orchestra of the Teatro alla Scala

Teatro alla Scala production

George Balanchine
© The George Balanchine Trust

Director Paul Connelly
Scenes Peter Harvey
Costumes Karinska


Ballet in three parts

Choreography George Balanchine

music by Gabriel Fauré

music by Igor Stravinsky
Roberto Cominati piano

music by Pëtr Il'ič Tchaikovsky


11 March at 20.00
March 17 at 20.00
18 March at 20.00
March 20, 2.30 pm
March 22 at 20.00
24 March at 20.00

Who organizes

Teatro alla Scala Foundation in MilanConsidered among the most… more

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Author: Sabine Frantellizzi

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