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Donizetti's Don Pasquale returns to the Maggio Fiorentino in the historic staging by Jonathan Miller
Daniele Gatti directs and faces the title for the first time
Organized by: Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Foundation

Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Foundation Presents

“ Winter season 2024 ”
To the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino from 15 to 24 March 2024 back on stage Don Pasquale, a masterpiece by Gaetano Donizetti and among the most popular works on stages around the world.

The show will be presented in the historic setting created by Jonathan Miller in 2001 – taken up by Stefania Grazioli – , a tribute from the Theater to the great English director and to a now famous production, immediately warmly welcomed by audiences and critics and then staged in various European theatres: the fulcrum of Miller's directorial vision, the setting in a large house of dolls in which all the (mis)adventures of the protagonists of the work will take place. As in the 2001 edition, the sets and costumes were designed by Isabella Bywater and lights from Jvan Morandi  (made on this occasion by Emanuele Agliati). 

On the podium, at the helm of theOrchestra and Choir of the Maggio, salt Daniele Cats which addresses the title for the first time, remaining faithful to the origins of the work (Neapolitan and French) and highlighting its Rossini language.

Protagonists on stage will be Marco Filippo Romano, in the role of the elderly and rich Don Pasquale, Yijie Shi in those of his nephew Ernesto, in love with the young widow Norina played by Sara Blanch. Markus Werba returns to Maggio after the performances of Don Giovanni and Falstaff in the role of Doctor Malatesta, while he will play A Notary Oronzo d'Urso, talent from the Accademia del Maggio, from which they also come Nikoletta Hertsak, Matteo Mancini is Lorenzo Martelli, who in the March 23 performance will respectively be Norina, Doctor Malatesta and Ernesto. Choir Master is Lorenzo Fratini.

There will be five performances on the billboard: 15, 19 and 23 March at 8pm and 17 and 24 March at 3.30pm.

The maestro on the podium in the Great Hall Daniele Cats, who conducts Donizetti's opera for the first time in his career: “I jumped at the opportunity to tackle Don Pasquale for the first time, having never conducted it I had the opportunity to study it and discover it and Thus 'entering' the world of Italian bel canto, which I have only touched a few times during my career. I like to see this work as Donizetti's homage to Rossini's buffo theater - naturally maintaining the typical Donizettian romantic imprint - highlighted by this continuous passage between an affective gesture of remembrance and a serene look at the genius of Rossini who wrote this type of opera in the early years of the 19th century: we hear it in some harmonic procedures and the use of some typical stereotypes of comic opera, with the only difference in the recitative, which in this case is not dry but accompanied. Furthermore, I am lucky enough to have a truly excellent cast and it is a great pleasure to tackle this title for the first time."


The recitation of March 15, 2024 will be broadcast on a delayed basis Rai Radio 3
Donizetti's Don Pasquale returns to the Maggio Fiorentino in the historic staging by Jonathan Miller

Other information of interest

Buffo drama in three acts with a libretto by Donizetti himself and Giovanni Ruffini, inspired by a story by Angelo Anelli (Ser Marcantonio), Don Pasquale debuted on January 3 1843 at the Théâtre Italien in Paris with a stellar cast that included celebrities such as Giulia Grisi, Luigi Lablache, the tenor Mario. The success was enormous, and the Italian premiere followed in April of the same year at La Scala in Milan.

Composed in a very short time (in just eleven days according to tradition) by Donizetti at the height of his fame, Don Pasquale is one of the last and most accomplished examples of Italian comic opera. A work of exemplary linguistic coherence, it still maintains the traditional roles of commedia dell'arte but abandons the excess of stratagems and twists, shifting the interest from the artificial plot to the human portrait of the characters and leaning decidedly towards the sentimental comedy of bourgeois setting.

The plot
The protagonist of the story is the elderly Don Pasquale, who intends to throw his nephew Ernesto out of the house, guilty of having refused to marry a rich spinster because he is in love with the young, beautiful and penniless widow Norina. Determined to disinherit him and marry himself, he asks his friend Malatesta to find him a wife, but the Doctor sets a trap for him, in order to help the two young lovers. Under the guise of a certain Sophronia, he marries Norina in a fake wedding to the old Don Pasquale. At that point, the fake wife does everything she can to make herself unbearable: she goes on shopping sprees, organizes expensive parties at home, and even leaves compromising letters around about an extramarital affair. Don Pasquale, now terrified of married life, agrees to his nephew's wedding in order to distance his wife. At this point, Ernesto reveals the prank to his uncle and Don Pasquale, having learned the lesson, wishes the two lovers happiness by accepting the moral "he who marries at an old age is a fool of brains".


Concert master and conductor
Daniele Gatti

Direction Jonathan Miller
taken from Stephanie Grazioli
Scenes and costumes Isabella Bywater
Lights Jvan Morandi
made by Emanuele Agliati

Orchestra and Chorus of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
Choir Master Lorenzo Fratini

Characters and performers
Don Pasquale Marco Filippo Romano
Doctor Malatesta  Markus Werba/
Matteo Mancini (23)
Ernesto Yijie Shi/
Lorenzo Martelli (23)
Norina Sara Blanch/
Nikoletta Hertsak (23)
A notary Oronzo D'Urso
Three solo voices
Valeriia Matrosova, Massimiliano Esposito, Carlo Cigni

Installation of the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino


Gaetano Donizetti
Don Pasquale
Funny drama in three acts

Libretto by MA (Michele Accursi), Giovanni Ruffini and Gaetano Donizetti by Angelo Anelli


15 March 2024 at 8pm 'before'
performances 17 and 24 March at 3.30 pm
19 and 23 March at 8pm

Who organizes

Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino FoundationIt is one of the 14 Foundations… more

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