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Franco Battiato's "Archaic Mass" at the Milan Cathedral
The newly formed 'Franco Battiato Foundation' remembers the artist three years after his death
Organized by: IMARTS – International Music and Arts and Fondazione Franco Battiato ETS
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IMARTS – International Music and Arts and Franco Battiato Foundation ETS Presents

On May 16, 2024, the majestic Milan Cathedral will be the scene of a significant tribute to Franco Battiato. The Franco Battiato Foundation, recently established on the initiative of its niece Grazia Cristina Battiato, inaugurates its activities with the performance of the "Messa Arcaica", thirty years after its first record release.

The evening, promoted by the Franco Battiato Foundation in collaboration with IMARTS – International Music and Arts, and with the support of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo and the Metropolitan Chapter of Milan, will see the participation of the Turin Chamber Choir and the Canova Chamber Orchestra , directed respectively by Maestros Dario Tabbia and Antonio Ballista.

This work represents one of Battiato's creative peaks, composed in 1993 and presented for the first time in the Upper Basilica of Assisi, the "Archaic Mass" will be performed in its classical partitions: Kyrie, Gloria, Creed, Sanctus and Agnus Dei.

The pianist Carlo Guaitoli and the keyboardist Angelo Privitera will also perform on stage, with the voices of Lorna Windsor, mezzo-soprano, and Giovanni Caccamo, who will play the role that was played by Battiato himself.

(Photo above, Franco Battiato, portrait by Lelio Bonaccorso)


«Archaic mass is a constant search for beauty, harmony, the fluidity of solutions that move within each chosen language. To communicate certain feelings, certain emotions, certain options of the heart, it is necessary to follow well-defined paths. An extremely significant experience for me. It taught me how strange this musical world of ours is: where you happen to be at the center of a mega-rock concert cheering even when you play in a church, even when you perform a work that moves along a very tenuous horizontal thread" - Franco Battiato –
Franco Battiato's "Archaic Mass" at the Milan Cathedral


Canova Chamber Orchestra directed by Antonio Ballista

Chamber Choir of Turin directed by Dario Tabbia

Lorna Windsor mezzo soprano

Giovanni Caccamo voice

Carlo Guaitoli piano

Angelo Privitera keyboards and programming


Franco Battiato 

Archaic Mass for soloists, choir and orchestra


At the Milan Cathedral the voice of the restored Great Organ resounds

L’organo del Duomo di Milano è il più grande strumento a canne d’Italia e tra i . . .

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Antonio Ballista𝄞 Piano Conductor

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