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Achille Campanile, "Paganini does not repeat"
Achille Campanile drew inspiration from the famous episode and had fun drawing a very short story from it "Paganini does not repeat", included in the collection of humorous stories Asparagus and the immortality of the soul published in 1974

Achille Campanile (Rome 1899 - Lariano 1977), writer, playwright and journalist, known for his surreal humor, drew inspiration from the famous episode and enjoyed drawing a very short story "Paganini does not repeat",

inserted in the collection of humorous stories Gli asparagus and the immortality of the soul published in 1974.

There are 38 short stories written between 1925 and the year of publication, the tenth of which gives the title to the book.

Achille Campanile, "Paganini does not repeat"

When Paganini, after a last, interminable, acrobatic hieroglyph of very rapid sounds, had finished the sonata, an applause broke out in the hall of the royal palace in Lucca that made the candelabra dripping with wax and iridescent with rock crystals, which hung from the ceiling, tremble. The prodigious performer had, as always, thrilled the audience.

The din of the consents subsided and, while the refreshments began to circulate and an admiring chatter rose from all around, the Marquise Zanoni, seated in the front row and all dripping with Venetian lace around her yellowish wig, said in a cavernous voice and staring the concert performer with a smile who wanted to be seductive among the thousand wrinkles of his old skin:

  • BIS!

Sheathed in the tailcoat, with locks of hair over his eyes, Paganini bowed gallantly, smiled at the old lady and murmured under his breath:

  • I am sorry, Marquise, that I cannot please you. Perhaps she is unaware that I, to defend myself from encore requests that would never end, have a maxim from which I have never departed, nor will I ever derogate: Paganini does not repeat.

The old lady did not hear him. With an almost incomprehensible enthusiasm in her, who was deaf as a bell, she continued to clap her hands and shout, with the ropes of her neck taut like a tortoise:

  • BIS! BIS!

Paganini smiled, pleased with such enthusiasm but did not let himself be moved. He beckoned to the old lady not to insist and repeated with courteous firmness:

  • Paganini does not repeat.
  • Like? Said the old woman who, of course, hadn't heard.
  • Paganini - repeated the great violinist, in a louder voice - does not repeat.

The deaf old woman had not yet understood. He believed that the musician had consented and prepared to listen to the sonata again. But, seeing that the famous virtuoso was about to put the instrument back in its case, she exclaimed in distress:

  • Like? And the encore?
  • I have already told you, madam, - Paganini said - Paganini does not repeat.
  • I don't understand - said the old woman.
  • Paganini does not repeat - Paganini shrieked.
  • Excuse me, - said the old woman - with this buzz you don't get to grasp the words. You speak a little louder.

The violinist put his hands around her mouth and yelled almost in her ear:

  • Paganini does not repeat!

The old woman shook her head.

  • I did not understand the last words - he shouted, as if the other were deaf.
  • He does not repeat, he does not repeat, Paganini does not repeat! Shrieked the virtuoso.

The old woman made an alarmed face.

  • Do you want to be a priest? He asked.
  • But no - Paganini shouted in dismay. - Paganini does not repeat.
  • He is thirsty? Said the old woman.

And he turns to the servants in livery, who circulated with trays:

  • A refreshment to our glorious violinist.
  • But what a thirst! He exclaimed. - What a refreshment!
  • Come on, come on, the encore hour - insisted the old woman, convinced that the concert artist was going to please her. But he again bowed with perfect gallantry and:
  • I repeat - he said - that Paganini does not repeat.
  • That last piece - continued the deaf.
  • Paganini does not repeat! Shouted the violinist leaning over her ear, fluttering the Venetian lace, which hung from her yellow wig. - How many times do I have to tell him?
  • Once - said the old woman who had managed to grasp the last sentence and thought Paganini was asking her how many times she had to repeat the sonata - just once is enough for me.
  • But Paganini does not repeat - repeated Paganini.
  • Okay, okay - replied the old woman, who this time had understood and believed that Paganini did not want to repeat the phrase - I don't need to repeat it to me, I understood perfectly well; I just need to do an encore.
  • Paganini - Paganini shrieked with all the breath in his throat - does not repeat, does not repeat, does not repeat!

The old woman made a sign that she did not understand. Paganini saw himself lost. He turned to the group of other guests who had crowded around them attracted by the scene and said in a desperate tone:

  • Do me the favor, you tell him. He has not yet understood that I do not repeat.

I told him twenty times, I'm repeating it to him: I don't repeat! How many times do I have to repeat it to him?

(From Lives of Illustrious Men)

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