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In Milan, "1917 - Arias, songs and lyrics", the original appointment of the Atelier Musicale review at the Auditorium of the Chamber of Labor
Maria Eleonora Caminata, soprano, and Alfonso Alberti at the piano, present a singular program that unites pieces written or published in 1917, from Puccini to Respighi, from Prokofiev to Gershwin

Cultural Association Secondo Maggio Presents

"Atelier Musicale 27. Season 2021-22" Awakenings in Music ""
An event of great originality for the exhibition Music Atelier, edited byAssociation Secondo Maggio of Milan: the February 19 (5.30 pm) atDi Vittorio Auditorium of the Chamber of Labor, the soprano Maria Eleonora Caminata and the pianist Alfonso Alberti will propose a recital of Lieder, Songs, romances, lyrics and popular songs united by the date of composition or publication, the 1917. A crucial year in the history of the twentieth century, with the October Revolution and the First World War in progress, 1917 also marks an important event in the history of music, with Nick LaRocca's Original Dixieland Jazz Band recording a 78 rpm considered the first jazz record.

The program ranges from the old to the new world, with nine composers on playbills, proposed through very short pieces that highlight paths that are sometimes parallel, other divergent, from atonality to colorism, to the intertwining of cultured and popular music, from American Song to new arias. opera, to the lyrics of Rabindranath Tagore. A sound kaleidoscope that highlights the dynamism and the great variety of the music of the 10s of the last century, seminal for the sound paths of the following decades.


Maria Eleonora Caminada specializes in contemporary and operatic repertoire and has worked with well-known contemporary composers. She is frequently called upon to sing in first absolute performances and for authors of the new generations.

Alfonso Alberti, pianist and musicologist, has given over one hundred first performances for solo piano and for piano and orchestra, including rediscovered compositions by protagonists of the twentieth century. Since 2017 he has been among the hosts of the Rai Radio3 program "Music Lessons".

(Photo © Fabiana Toppia Nervi)
In Milan, "1917 - Arias, songs and lyrics", the original appointment of the Atelier Musicale review at the Auditorium of the Chamber of Labor


Maria Eleonora Caminada soprano

Alfonso Alberti piano


Sergej Prokofiev
Five cantos op. 27 (texts by Anna Akhmatova)
Giacomo Puccini
That Doretta's beautiful dream from "La rondine"
(libretto by Giuseppe Adami)
Igor Stravinsky Trois histoires pour enfants
(popular texts translated by Charles Ferdinand Ramuz)
Maurice Ravel
Menuet from "Le tombeau de Couperin"
Ottorino Respighi
The end from "Five lyrics" (text by R. Tagore)
Béla Bartók
Eight Hungarian folk songs Sz 64
Anton Webern
Four Lieder op. 12
(lyrics, popular, Li T'ai Po, A. Strindberg, JWGoethe)

George Gershwin
Beautiful Bird (text by Ira Gershwin)
Charles Ives
He is There! (text of the col. McCrae)

Author: Sabine Frantellizzi

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