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Classical Music in Italy

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60th Nuova Consonanza Festival “Memory and utopia” • Rome
Research and innovation are the guidelines for the historic contemporary music festival which reaches its 60th anniversary; 31 concerts, over 130 compositions by more than one hundred authors, 27 world premieres for an edition that promises to be special

Concertisti Classica

It takes place in Rome from 10 November to 22 December 2023 60th New Consonance Festival, titled 'Memory is Utopia'. A special edition, which celebrates the prestigious goal achieved by the historic Roman Association, which has always been projected towards the new.

In the spaces of Ennio Morricone Music Park, of the Torlonia Theatre, of the Slaughterhouse - La Pelanda a very rich and inclusive program unfolds 31 concerts with over 130 compositions of more than one hundred authors, 27 world premieres is numerous Italian premieres. The billboard includes numerous international participations, with soloists and ensembles from all over Europe.

It will be a tribute to the founders of the Association, to some historical members linked to the history of Nuova Consonanza since the beginning, to contemporary authors and to the younger generations of composers to whom the festival has paid particular attention by commissioning new works.

"Those between the end of the fifties and the beginning of the sixties were years of constant artistic and organizational work to spread the thought of the avant-garde, to modernize the traditional concert methods and the pre-eminent culture – recalls the president Paolo Rotili - A work around the key principles of creation which would soon lead to the need to set up an organism capable of supporting this commitment. From here Nuova Consonanza was born, a collective entity that pursues common objectives. An idea of synergy between different personalities, which, despite all the discussions and controversies of those years, still reminds us today that overcoming political and cultural difficulties cannot be achieved by an individual, by a solipsistic idea, but by result of a spirit of collaboration, of a common belonging"

The program

The inauguration

It kicks off November 10, 2023 at the Teatro Studio Borgna del Music Park /Ennio Morricone/of Rome il  60th New Consonance Festival: to inaugurate it, theIntercontemporain Ensemble, a prestigious Parisian group created in 1975 by Pierre Boulez and an essential point of reference on the contemporary music scene.

France – Italy 3 to 3 is the unusual title of the opening concert, acoustic and in some ways "classical", which is proposed as a counterpoint between the two countries, crossing and presenting the works of three generations of both French and Italian composers, respectively Allain Gaussin, Pierre Boulez , Bastien David and Salvatore Sciarrino, Franco Donatoni, Vito Palumbo.


The Festival continues until December 22ndand with a busy calendar of concerts, attended by soloists and ensembles from all over Europe, offering as comprehensive an overview as possible of the varied contemporary music scene, with a careful look at twentieth-century Italian music.

The November events will take place mainly at the Studio Gianni Borgna Theater in the Parco della Musica and at the Torlonia Theater, while the December ones will take place at the Pelanda in the former slaughterhouse.

The November 15 the Studio Gianni Borgna Theater hosts the Band of the Italian Army directed by the major Philip Change it: the concert entitled Not just marches presents songs from the 20th century, including some rarities, and two first executions absolute of Nicki Pipita is Fabrizio Nastarthe.

Continuing to the Torlonia Theater, the November 23 the pianist's recital Marco Scolastra runs through the entire Italian historical twentieth century with Malipiero is Box, Petrassi, I chose, Berio up to contemporaries D'Amico, Turi is Giovanni Guaccero.

The November 25 the Choir "Goffredo Petrassi" directed by Stephen Cucci presents an overview of the choir production of Petrassi (honorary member of Nuova Consonanza), by Aegisthus Macchi and Ennio Morricone, who were among the founders of the Association, until Alessandra Ravera, representative of the latest generations.

The November 27 we return to the Teatro Studio Borgna where the Park of Contemporary Music Ensemble, directed by Tony Baptist and accompanied by the soprano Shigeko Hata, performs some of the most representative works of the Czech Ondrej Adamek, this year teacher of the composition workshop, one of the fixed events of the Festival. The pieces on the program combine traditional instruments with instruments designed by Adámek himself, in an acoustic or electroacoustic perspective; the concert will be preceded by a meeting with the composer.

The November 30 the silent film metropolis of Fritz Lang (1927) – a masterpiece of German cinematic expressionism – will be screened with a live performance of the electroacoustic soundtrack composed by the collective Edison Studio, among the most important electroacoustic groups on the Italian scene.

With the December programming, almost daily, the Festival moves to the Mattatoio – La Pelanda:

Double date 2 December: at 19 hours the electric guitar of Carlo Siega ranges across the classical-contemporary repertoire, crossing over into the non-academic rock-based tradition; at 21 hours follows Light Percussion starring the Lugano percussion ensemble, which alternates Swiss and Italian authors, also performing a piece by Patrick Esposito for the first time.

The December 3 L'GAMO Ensemble, a historic Florentine group dedicated to the contemporary repertoire, presents a concert focusing on the performance of Galgenlieder (Gallows Songs) by Sofija Gubajdulina, among the greatest composers of our time, combining them with a new composition by Mauro Montalbetti.

The concert of December 4th – on the occasion of the conference dedicated to him by the Isabella Scelsi Foundation – he recalls Franco Evangelisti, among the founders and major animators of the first years of Nuova Consonanza's history. The k music program starring Costantino Blanco Ventura (flute), Gian Paolo Arena (violin), Beatrice Cori (piano) and the voices ofEVO ensemble, alternates passages by Evangelisti and by Giacinto Scelsi.

The December 5th the young man Trio Feedback debuts at the Festival presenting the Italian premiere of several pieces of very recent composition and various origins, accompanied by two world premiere performances of Davide Baudone is Silvia Borzelli.

The December 6 L'Ensemble Calliopée with Karine Lethiec to the viola and direction, presents MUSICoMAN, an audiovisual musical creation by five contemporary composers – Graciane Finzthe, Benoît Menut, Philippe Hersant, Kryštof Mařatka is Philippe Schoeller – which are compared with some testimonies of the past preserved in French archaeological museums.

The December 7, the only date of the month scheduled at the Teatro Studio Borgna, is scheduled Anabasi, traveling with Guido, concert that the Park of Contemporary Music Ensemble and the director Tonino Battista dedicate to Guido Baggiani, historical member of Nuova Consonanza, composer in the wake of the structuralist tradition, open to electronic experience and a lively figure of teacher and intellectual.

LDecember 8th, Memory of utopias is the new sonovisual concert-installation by Alessandro Sbordoni on text by Alberto Gianquinto, with Alessandro Cipriani, Giulio Latini and the narrator of Virginia do you drive. The composer recovers some sound and visual materials from 1997 which are rethought for new technological media. The evening is preceded at 7pm by a meeting with the artists.

The December 9 (7pm) space for author music videos, some of which are young winners of the latest editions of the Arts Award; follows at 9pm Your voice is this diffuse soul, a tribute from the singer Ljuba Bergamelli to Cathy Berberian, with music by various composers from the twentieth century to the present day, including a world premiere of Maria Vincenza Cabizza.

There are also two appointments December 10, starting at 7pm with Lorenzo Biguzzi which covers the Italian musical literature for guitar of the last sixty years, presenting the pages of six composers of different styles and backgrounds, Healthy, Corghi, Columbus Taccani, Scodanibbio, Pisati is Bussotti. At 9pm electroacoustic music concert with Francesco Palmieri (electric guitar), Francesco Poeti (low), Marco di Gasbarro (battery) and theTanh ensemble.

The December 12on the occasion of the conference Memory and utopia. 60 years of Nuova Consonanza, the concert ofIcarus Ensemble vs Muzak directed by Dario Garegnani, is dedicated to the fathers of Nuova Consonanza: Clementi, Morricone, Bortolotti is Pennisi, whose compositions will be accompanied by two world premieres of Andrew Collacciani is Italian Bishop.

The December 14 the Sidera Sax Quartet presents a cross-section of saxophone writing in modern-day music, between acoustic and electronic pieces; a first performance of Lorenzo Trojans.

The concert of December 15 is created in collaboration with the Italian Society of Contemporary Music, commissioned by Alfredo Casella and now celebrating the 100th anniversary of its foundation: the soprano Sabrina Cortese and the instrumental ensemble directed by Francesco Belli offer a rich program, which also includes four world premieres of Gilberto Bosco, Daniele Carnini, Barbara Rettagliati is Paul Rosé.

Double date December 16: at 7 pm the violist Luca Sanzò performs the world premiere of compositions by Silvia Colasanti, Alessandra Bellino is Sonia Bo. It follows at 9pm Scores for bodies, a tribute to Luciano Berio with the actor Federico Sanguineti, Manuel Zurria to the flutes and Paul Ravaglia to clarinets and electronics.

The December 17, three appointments: at 5.30 pm the young violinist Paride Losacco, winner of the “Riccardo Cerocchi” Award, tackles some of the best-known pages of 20th century and contemporary music for solo violin and, in duo with the pianist Fiorella Sassanelli, there Sonata by Debussy; at 7 pm, the panel discussion on electroacoustic music in Italy and Europe and the concert at 9pm Electroacoustic bouquet which brings together three of the best Italian performers dedicated to the experimental repertoire, Luca Sanzò (viola), Gianni Trovalusci (flute) ed Enzo Filippetti (saxophone), with sound direction by Federico Scalas; a new addition is also planned Gustavus Delgado.

The 60th New Consonance Festival closes the December 22, as usual with the concert of the finalists of the Franco Evangelisti composition competition. The Indigo Quartet performs the three finalist scores alternating them with reference pieces of contemporary quartet literature, from the post-World War II period to today.

Some complete the musical programme decentralized concerts to Latina, Roman Trevignano is Ardea.

The exhibition, the presentations of books and CDs

60 years of Nuova Consonanza experienced through its precious archive material. From November 10th to 30th in the Exhibition Space of the Auditorium Music Park Ennio Morricone, "Memory and utopia” is the exhibition curated by Silvana Beloved which narrates the history of the Association in a visual form, rendering the varied cultural landscape of Nuova Consonanza particularly rich in contaminations between the various artistic expressions. You will find yourself following a journey through the original sketches of Franco Nonnis, the photos of the Improvisation Group during the recordings, the visual scores of Domenico Guaccero and the sound bands of Franco Evangelisti, the signs of Capogrossi for posters, vinyl records up to catalogues, posters and the refined instrumental writings of recent years and much more. Testimonials, also accompanied by quick summary texts (edited by Daniela Dove grey), of an emblematic story that is worth telling.

In November, the Exhibition Space and the nearby AuditoriumArte space also host a large number of meetings and presentations of new editorial and record products.

The conference

The 12 and 13 December to the Slaughterhouse – La Pelanda will be held on conference on the 60th anniversary of the Association. Divided into four sessions, it will delve into the following topics: a historical survey of Nuova Consonanza (edited by Daniela Dove grey), musical theater (ed Alexander Mastropietro), musical improvisation (ed Alexander Sbordoni) and electronic music (ed Augustine Of Scipio). For each session, interventions and participation of musicians, composers, musicologists, friends and members of Nuova Consonanza are expected.

Ticket office

The meetings, presentations, conference and exhibition are free of charge
60th Nuova Consonanza Festival “Memory and utopia” • Rome

There is more

The 60th Nuova Consonanza Festival is organized in collaboration with: German Academy of Rome Villa Massimo, French Academy in Rome Villa Medici, Aimart – International Academy of Music and Art, Palaexpo Special Company, CIDIM, Domus Danae Culture Center, Circolo Citizen Sante Palumbo, Municipality of Trevignano Romano, National Italian Music Committee, Cineteca di Bologna, Regional Directorate of Lazio Museums, Edizioni Suvini Zerboni, Fondazione Isabella Scelsi, Fondazione Musica per Roma, Fondazione Teatro di Roma, Milano Musica, RaiRadio 3, Ravenna Festival , SIMC – Italian Society of Contemporary Music, Real Time.
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