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5 curiosities about Mozart you absolutely must know
We all know him as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but Amadeus alone is enough to identify him as in the title of the famous film by Milos Forman (Czechoslovakian naturalized American director, screenwriter, actor and academic 1932 - 2018)

Mozart was not called Amadeus

We all know him as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but even just enough to identify him Amadeus as in the title of the famous film by Milos Forman. Paradoxically, however, it is the only name that does not appear in the registers of birth and baptism: the documents show that little Mozart was baptized on January 28, 1756, the day after his birth, with the names Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus.

The name by which he called himself throughout his life was Wolfgang, sometimes Italianized in Wolfgango Amadeo during his travels in the beautiful country. Only later did Mozart latinize the Greek Theophilus in Amadeus, however, using more frequently the French version Wolfgang Amadè Mozart, with which he used to sign.

In the family he was called with the nickname "Wolferl".

Carmontelle's watercolor (1763) The Mozart family

Little Wolfgang's alarm clock

The extraordinary talent of little Wolferl was soon revealed: at 4 he started playing the piano, at 5 he composed his first works. It is therefore not surprising that his father Leopold could use a very special stratagem to wake up the child: he played a piece of music stopping at the penultimate note, so little Mozart got up to play the last note and finish the piece. .

Pietro Antonio Lorenzoni (1721 - 1782) Leopold Mozart

A child prodigy at the Courts of Vienna and Versailles

At the age of just 6, Mozart left for his first musical tour with his father and gifted sister Nannerl (Anna Maria). The two children were introduced to the Empress Maria Theresa, and performed for the imperial court in the palace of Schönbrunn (1762), enchanting all present with their grace and their extraordinary skill. At the end of the performance, little Wolfgang threw himself into the empress's arms, embracing her and covering her with kisses - the empress, who loved children very much, having a large number of offspring herself, was moved by it. He rewarded the two small concert performers with very elegant court dresses of which they were so proud of wanting to wear them for a portrait.

The following year, in 1763, it was the turn of performing in Versailles in the presence of King Louis XV. Great was the success, but when the seven-year-old Mozart wanted to embrace Madame de Pompadour at the end of the concert, this disdainful refusal for the rigidity of the court protocol, leaving him disappointed.

Pietro Antonio Lorenzoni (1721 - 1782) Nannerl (Anna Maria) Mozart

Food and drink: Mozart loved sauerkraut, beer and… almond milk

In Salzburg Mozart was a regular customer of Cafè Tomaselli, located a few steps from his birthplace in Getreidegasse. In this which is the oldest café in Austria, Wolfgang went to sip a delicate almond milk, which can still be enjoyed today.

For a more substantial meal, the composer happily opted for a dark beer with savory dishes such as sauerkraut with liver dumplings; especially the very good ones served at the Stieglbräu, a historic brewery which is also still in business; in a diary note referring to August 1780, sister Nannerl mentions a visit to the place, underlining that “A couple of good beers will certainly not miss our convivial meeting! "

Cafe Tomaselli

Pets: the Mozart pets

In their house on the market square of Salzburg the Mozart family enjoyed the company of some small pets, singing birds and a beloved fox terrier dog named Pimperl. Also in Vienna Mozart had several songbirds, including a starling (we know from his books that he bought it on May 27, 1784 for the sum of 34 Kreutzer). According to the chronicles, the little bird was able to whistle the theme of the Rondo of the Piano Concerto No. 17 in G major (KV 453).

When the little bird died 3 years later, Mozart was dejected, he organized a small funeral and I dedicate a poem to him.

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